Board Meeting Minutes: 21 December 2013


21 December 2013, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Andrea Horbinski, Cat Meier, Eylul Dogruel, Franzeska Dickson, Ira Gladkova, Kristen Murphy, Nikisha Sanders

GUESTS: james_, Lady Oscar, Sam Johnsson

ABSENT: none


1. Approved a change to Phase 3 of the Systems equipment purchase proposal that was approved several months ago. This change involves ordering two new servers instead of the one originally planned for this phase. It means we will have three new, fast machines to be the AO3 database servers. This will allow us to move tag wrangling to a separate server and work on decommissioning older servers which consume too much power for the performance they give us. This will involve a capital expense of $53,130 and ongoing costs of $7,164 per year.


1. Update from Wiki: Wiki has welcomed their two new staff members.

2. Update from Systems: Systems has been focusing on server performance. The next batch of new servers will be arriving very soon now.

3. Secretary update: All of the outstanding Board minutes have been drafted, and most have already been approved. Kristen will be sending the approved minutes to Web for posting later today, and has bumped the few threads that still need votes.

4. Finance update:

Start of Term 14-Dec 21-Dec Difference from 14-21 Dec
BoA 47,251.14 142,206.34 141,892.84 (313.50)
PayPal 28,993.82 16,741.66 17,950.56 1,208.90
CD 10,083.52 10,117.16 10,120.49 3.33
Total 86,328.48 169,065.16 169,963.89 898.73

This was a small week for expenses; the main ones were Quickbooks and server monitoring software, offset by depositing the checks from the November 3 Meetup of Our Own and another check that came in by mail.

There will be a transfer from PayPal to checking sometime before 31 December to bring the PayPal balance down to $5,000. Depending on when the next server order goes out, we’ll end the year with around $170,000 or $120,000 overall.

sanders is planning to focus intensively on Quickbooks and banking tasks from Thursday through the first week of January, with periodic peeks out to deal with any urgent issues.

5. After today, the Board will be taking a brief end-of-term/holiday break from the regular meeting schedule. Board meetings will resume on January 18, 2014. We discussed outstanding tasks that should continue during the next few weeks and ones that can wait until after the break.

6. Sam expressed thanks to the Board in general and Eylul in particular for assisting with cross-committee communication. He also shared that so far this month Support has received 405 tickets. The all-time high was 590 tickets in June 2012.

7. We voted to appoint Anna Genoese to fill a vacant seat on the Board beginning January 1, 2014. We also noted that the standard timing of Board transitions should be brought up for discussion sometime in the new year, as it has a variety of implications for tax filing, elections scheduling, and the orientation of new Board members.


1. Discussion of a confidential personnel issue.

2. The Board bid farewell and thank you to Ira and Kristen, who are completing their three-year terms this month. This is their last scheduled Board meeting; they are finishing up a few transitional tasks and will officially end their terms on December 31.

The meeting was adjourned at 21:10 UTC.

Minutes approved by the Board on 24 January 2014.

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