Board Meeting Minutes: 21 April 2024


  • Decisions made since the last public board meeting
  • DEI and organizational culture update
  • Organizational Culture Roadmap
  • Board Year Roadmap Update
  • Any other business (Questions & Answers)


The meeting can be read in full on the official OTW Board Discord server. In order to access it, you’ll need to join our Discord server.


  • Anh Pham
  • Jennifer Haynes
  • Kari Dayton
  • Kathryn Soderholm
  • Qiao Chu
  • Zixin Zhang


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Open Session

  • Decisions taken since the last meeting
  • Approved minutes of last two meetings
  • Approved Finance requests
  • Approved new Legal member
  • Joined the Stop KOSA and Bad Internet Bills Coalitions
  • Approved new subcommittee formation – Internal Complaint & Conflict Resolution (ICCR)
  • Approved new leads for Quality Assurance & Testing (QA&T) and ICCR
  • Approved a procedure for volunteers to make formal complaints about Board member misconduct
  • Approved a Board Cybersecurity Delegate
  • Approved new chairs for the AO3 Documentation committee
  • Received final report from organizational culture consultant and concluded contract

DEI and organizational culture update

We received the final report from our organizational culture consultant in February. We spent February and March reviewing the report, creating a communications plan, and discussing the format of the roadmap as well as how to collect and analyze feedback on it from volunteers.

The organizational culture project is an important step in achieving our DEI goals. The main focus of the report is bringing the OTW up to professional standards in many areas. Achieving these goals will increase the ability of all volunteers to feel safe in the OTW and sure that their voices will be heard, in addition to creating the necessary foundation for future DEI work.

Organizational Culture Roadmap

Our organizational culture consultant identified six themes for improvement in the Org:

  • Accountability at all levels;
  • Volunteer safety and security;
  • Making OTW internal chat tool a safe, welcoming space;
  • Global accessibility and cross-cultural sensitivity;
  • Open and transparent collaboration;
  • Organization-wide management standards.

In order to make progress on the 6 themes we mentioned above, we are creating a Roadmap for the OTW, which will include specific goals, next steps, and indicators of who’s responsible for each goal so that changes are transparent to Board members, Chairs, and volunteers alike.

We have begun consultation with OTW volunteers around this, and see it as a living document that will be actively updated and improved.

Board Year Roadmap Update

Summary: Tasks in the following list are expected to be accomplished by September 30, 2024.

Trust, Safety, and Accountability:

  • Improve Board transparency – STARTED
  • Improve Board responsiveness and turnaround time for communications – STARTED
  • OTW Whistleblower Protection Policy – IN PROGRESS

Soliciting Expertise:

  • Procurement Policy (Outlines steps to find new consultants, contractors, tools, etc. in a fair and fiscally responsible manner) – IN PROGRESS (Almost complete!)

Following Existing Plans:

  • Stay up to date with Board’s goals in the OTW Strategic Plan (
  • Support Strategic Planning Committee through the implementation of the Strategic Plan – ONGOING
  • Lead the review, approval, and implementation of recommendations from organizational culture survey – IN PROGRESS

Board Sustainability:

  • Board Hiatus Policy (Outlines procedure for going on and coming off hiatus, as well as establishing limits for how many Board Members can be on hiatus at once and how long a hiatus can be) – IN PROGRESS
  • Board Annual Self-Assessment and Still Willing to Serve survey – STARTED

Board Assistants Team (BAT) Committee:

  • Work with BATs to create systems to better manage Board tasks – IN PROGRESS


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Open Question time

12 questions in total were answered during the meeting.

Asynchronous Questions

Questions that didn’t receive a live response during the meeting will be answered starting two weeks after the meeting.

Post-meeting Q&A: Board Work

Post-meeting Q&A: Other business

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