Board Meeting Minutes: 21 April 2018

Organization for Transformative Works – Board of Directors

Minutes of the meeting: April 21, 2018, 18:00 UTC


  • Atiya Hakeem
  • Claire P. Baker
  • Danielle Strong
  • Jessie Camboulives
  • Kristina Busse
  • Matty Bowers
  • Priscilla Del Cima


  • Alex Tischer
  • Anne-Li
  • Aruna
  • Astrid Clemons
  • Barszczyk
  • Bella Irvine
  • buse_sivri
  • Captured_in_LSpace
  • Cyn
  • Finance Committee
  • James Kruk
  • james_
  • Janita Burgess
  • Jessica Ladd
  • Kamika
  • Kate Flanagan
  • Meep
  • Michaela
  • Morgan Drake
  • Nary Rising
  • Natalia Gruber
  • Nikki Bird
  • Nrandom
  • Rebecca Sentance
  • redsummernight
  • Relle
  • SunnyB
  • sveritas
  • Zoë Renee

Decisions taken since the last meeting

  • Approved previous meeting minutes
  • Approved Finance’s initial investment plan
  • Approved the payment for the additional fee related to our 2015 and 2016 audits
  • Approved the 3 year contract for technical support for any issues we encounter with the Archive databases
  • Approved Journal’s new choices of vendor for their OJS upgrade
  • Approved the renaming of our Policy & Abuse committee
  • Approved several payments for our Finance committee for various state fillings, tax reports, and other legally required expenses
  • Approved dates for our upcoming April Drive (April 19-23)
  • Approved the revised [strategic plan](
  • Approved the purchase of two new servers (one for unicorns to run AO3, and a front end machine )
  • Approved Legal’s intervention in various cases, hearings, and collaborative projects including:
    • a complaint to WIPO concerning the domain name
    • an amicus brief in de Havilland v. FX
    • an amicus brief in Fox v. TVEyes
    • A comment in a consultation opened by Canadian telecomms
  • Approved the creation of a new Tag Wrangling Tumblr
  • Approved the induction of new Communications, Translation, Fanlore, Policy & Abuse Staffers,
  • Approved the OTW’s 2018 budget
  • Approved the reimbursement of OTW related travel expenses for some Legal committee members (The Copyright Office )scheduled Heidi Tandy to testify in Washington D.C. regarding our e-book exemption petition, and Tisha Turk in Los Angeles regarding our clarification and expansion petition)
  • Signed off on the Annual Report for 2016

Open Session

  • We started by thanking everyone for coming together for the membership drive taking place during the week.

We reviewed the OTW FAQ and the ‘What We Believe’ page, as well as our mission statement. It was pointed out that:

  • In the OTW FAQ:
    • The part about “becoming a committee member” could use an update, or even removed entirely
    • The parts about us focusing on female fans can be rephrased as historical, and in general we can make things more gender-inclusive overall, as fandom today has embraced the importance of gender inclusiveness and other identities.
    • We could add something that would specifically address the international nature of our work, while underlining that the OTW doesn’t aim to be all things for all fans everywhere (and that we know we can’t be).
    • We should update the question about “Who is welcome to use the OTW services and to volunteer?” to emphasize both creators and consumers of fanworks, as some people have contacted Support thinking that they can’t join if they don’t create content.
    • We could add a line about advocacy in the “What is the OTW” answer.
  • In our mission statement):
    • We would like to make it clear that we aren’t all things for all people and don’t try to be.
    • We severely need to update our goals section to separate milestones from actual current project goals

We reviewed the org-wide priorities to list in the ‘goals for 2018’ section of our Annual Report 2017, and decided to add:

  • Preparing the OTW for GDPR
  • Working on changing our internal structure so that roles within the org aren’t classified in a two-tiered system (staff/volunteer), but instead named and given access according to their specific needs
  • Starting to work towards having employees
  • Adding clarity to our role as an organization (and within), ten years on, in line with our current internal talks about possible governance structural changes that could be made (specifically Board’s role within the org, what it is, and what it should be)

Closed Session

No items

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM UTC
Minutes approved by the Board on May 18, 2018

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