Board Meeting Minutes: 16 June 2017

Organization for Transformative Works – Board of Directors

Minutes of the meeting: June 16, 2017, 22:00 UTC


  • Alex Tischer
  • Aline CarrĂ£o
  • Kristina Busse
  • Matty Bowers
  • Priscilla Del Cima


  • Alison Watson
  • Amy Shepard
  • arahime
  • briar_pipe
  • Captured_in_LSpace
  • Claire P. Baker
  • coaldustcanary
  • doughtier
  • Ehryn
  • Emily Sherman
  • James Baxter
  • Jonny H.
  • Julianna
  • Luin
  • McBangle
  • Nrandom
  • Rose Jackson
  • Stephanie Godden
  • Yuechiang Luo

Decisions taken since the last meeting

  • Approved budget for 2017
  • Approved Atiya Hakeem being replaced by Yuechiang Luo as Treasurer
  • Approved bank account signer change, replacing Atiya Hakeem with Kristina Busse
  • Dissolved Internationalization & Outreach committee
  • Approved signing of copyright letter to new US administration
  • Changed the OTW’s registered agent in Delaware
  • Approved Development & Membership’s request of premiums for drive, and subsequent request to reorder additional premiums to fulfill requests
  • Approved text of OTW members email for the April drive
  • Set the Record Date for the 2017 elections membership cutoff as June 30th
  • Approved Legal’s participation and filing in copyright cases plus NAFTA comments/testimony and opposition ad in Albany Times Union
  • Approved purchase of backup hardware for Systems
  • Approved new staffers for Abuse, Elections, Fanlore, Volunteers & Recruiting, Translation and Strategic Planning
  • Renewed OTW insurance
  • Helped with personnel issue
  • Refused hosting for advertising offer
  • Wrote and approved new Board position descriptions
  • Discussed nonprofit registration in various US states
  • Wrote and approved Board letter in 2016 Annual Report
  • Approved new reserves policy
  • Approved additional funds for contractor on Rails upgrade

Open Session

  • Yuechiang Luo has replaced Atiya Hakeem as OTW Treasurer, the Finance committe is currently working on transferring all accounts and contacts and close to being done.
  • Finance update:
    • PayPal:    $ 16,344.64
      Checkings: $233,788.71
      Savings:   $450,192.87
    • Finance has recently finalised a Reserves Policy, according to which we’ll always keep in the checking account enough to cover the year’s budget, and then anything beyond that goes in savings/investments (in the future)
    • The majority of the PayPal balance has also been transferred to the checking account
    • We aim to publish an updated budget before the October drive, so in a month or so we’ll start contacting committees to see if the expenses they planned at the start of the year will still happen, if any unexpected ones are taking place, and so on, so that we can reassess our financial situation for the year.
  • Upcoming Elections:
    • The candidacy deadline is just around the corner, and Elections needs candidates
    • Board has prepared some training docs for the new members, available on the internal wiki

Closed Session

No items


The meeting was adjourned at 22:45 UTC, a 10 minute voice chat to confirm all recent decisions followed
Minutes approved by the Board on 27 June 2017

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