Board Meeting Minutes: 15 July 2022

Organization for Transformative Works – Board of Directors

Minutes of the meeting: 15 July 2022, 19:00 UTC



  • Antonius Melisse
  • Alex Tischer
  • Rebecca Sentance
  • Kari Dayton
  • Jess White



  • TheLaure
  • Kaysa
  • aliso
  • absternr
  • Natalia Gruber
  • yachtzee
  • punk
  • That’s a Nice One!
  • ioana
  • dito del piede
  • JamieVamp
  • priscilla
  • SmolAngora
  • Anne-Li


Open Session


Decisions taken since last Meeting

  • approved minutes of last meeting
  • approved staff for Volunteers and Recruiting and Policy and Abuse
  • appointed diversity consultant research officer
  • finalised removing volunteer – staffer divide
  • approved additional Translation chairs (Heleen and Priscilla)
  • approved new Systems chair (Frost the Fox)
  • approved donation premium order
  • approved replacement parts for Systems (pdu)
  • approved WIPO Domain Name Dispute filing fee
  • approved 2021 Financial audit fees
  • approved filing amicus brief with EFF about Warhol case
  • approved outside council, cybercrime firm and insurance process
  • ongoing dealing with the email attacks in May and the consequences thereof
  • ongoing communications/answering questions


You appointed a diversity consultant research officer, are you still searching for a second?

Yes, still trying to find one as not having them as a bottleneck has alsway been part of the plan.

You mentioned that the diversity consultant research officer has been appointed and that a second is being looked for, but has the appointed diversity consultant research officer started doing the research?

Pretty much all work on every project got delayed due to the email attacks in May. The new research officer hadn‘t been fully inducted when the attacks happened and all tools were shut down we‘ve been extra slow and careful in restarting inductions so no, they haven’t had time to actually start doing anything much yet.



Elections for the Board of Directors, are coming up once again. There will be three new directors elected this time. More information can be found on our Elections site, in particular Election News and Candidate Info We wish all the people running the best of luck


Closed Session

No items

The meeting was adjourned at 20:05 UTC
Minutes approved by the Board on ’30/08/2022′

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