Board Meeting Minutes: 12 October 2013


12 October 2013, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Cat Meier, Eylul Dogruel, Ira Gladkova, Kristen Murphy, Nikisha

GUESTS: Lady Oscar

ABSENT: Franzeska Dickson, Andrea Horbinski


1. Approved a new staffer for Support.

2. Approved a revised script for the Communications video project.

3. Approved a personnel records retention policy proposed by Volunteers &


1. Update from Development & Membership: The membership drive officially
ended on Monday and was our most successful October drive ever. The
wrapup/thank-you post with various stats is here:
We raised US$44,594.05 during the official drive dates (not counting
checks that have yet to arrive), and our total for the month is currently
$49,209.05. Communications provided some statistics about the viewership
of various news outlets during the drive, which will be helpful
information going forward.

2. Update from Communications:

  • Our AO3 liaisons have completed training and we hope to see them on
    the job soon.
  • We’ve been tracking clicks from our news outlets during the drive and
    have sent a report to DevMem and Board.
  • Our artists created graphics for the membership drive and Claudia has
    written or contributed to many of the drive posts.
  • We have been talking about how to review the news posts on the OTW
    website per Web’s request. We’re going to try and complete this by
    month’s end.
  • We’ve received word that Web is working on image hosting and posting
    on the OTW website which will likely affect how we post.

3. The Category Change workgroup is busily meeting to discuss the few
outstanding issues left over from the public comment period.

4. Finance update:

21-Sep 12-Oct Difference
BoA 113,730.39 118,966.52 5,236.13
PayPal 14,764.27 52,706.81 37,942.54
CD 10,110.40 10,110.40 0.00
Total 138,605.06 181,783.73 43,178.67

$10,000 was transferred from PayPal to BoA in advance of the drive, and
$42,000 of the current PayPal balance will be moved to BoA later this
week. Finance generally tries to keep our PayPal balance on the low end.
Our expenses since the last report have mostly been typical: server
hosting, mail forwarding, Survey Monkey, Basecamp/Campfire. There have
also been some expenses related to planning for an in-person board meeting
at the end of October.

5. Discussion of in-person Board meeting: The Board will be meeting in
Berkeley, California, from 31 October to 4 November. We’re still working
out the agenda, but at the moment, it includes discussion of the Phase 2
documentation project and final approvals of some Phase 1 docs, along with
voting to officially adopt them. There will be a fundraising and finance
session to look at what’s worked and what’s been a challenge this year,
planning for next year, and how to increase the Board’s fundraising
capacity. We also will pick up on discussions from last year about
launching an emerita mailing list and developing an advisory board. We
will also be hosting a meetup for area staff and supporters. The current
budget for the meeting is roughly $5,000, which includes airfare, lodging,
and a daily food and ground transport stipend. We have drafted an FAQ
about the meeting that will be circulated internally along with the
meeting agenda, and after the meeting we will produce a report on the work
that was done.

6. Status update on Board Documentation Project.

7. Update on elections: Last week an e-mail was sent to all eligible staff
informing them that the deadline for declaring candidacy has been extended
to tonight.

8. Reminders about things that need votes over e-mail.


1. Discussion of a confidential personnel issue. The following points were
noted for future discussion:

  • We should consider outlining a process for how to take emergency
    measures in cases where immediate action is needed to protect
  • We want to avoid setting a precedent of a Board member stepping over a
    committee to take disciplinary action.
  • The Constructive Correction Action Procedure (CCAP) doesn’t include
    provisions for handling interpersonal, subjective incidents. It is also
    not well suited for handling situations where there is an ongoing pattern
    of problematic behavior but the behaviors are not all the same. The
    procedure as currently written provides for dismissal after someone has
    committed the same type of misconduct three times.
  • The CCAP doesn’t provide a way for chairs to take immediate action,
    such as temporarily suspending someone from a chat.
  • We don’t have an adequate mechanism for situations when two personnel
    file complaints against each other at the same time.
  • In the long term we might want to consider involving Volunteers &
    Recruiting and Internationalization & Outreach in a conversation about how
    to handle interpersonal incidents that are influenced by cultural

The meeting was adjourned at 21:25 UTC.

Minutes approved by the Board on 21 December 2013.

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