Board Meeting Minutes: 09 September 2018

Organization for Transformative Works – Board of Directors

Minutes of the meeting: September 9, 2018, 13:00 UTC


  • Atiya Hakeem
  • Claire P. Baker
  • Danielle Strong
  • Jessie Camboulives
  • Lex de Leon
  • Natalia Gruber
  • Priscilla Del Cima


  • Aline
  • Anne-Li
  • Kate Flanagan
  • Morgan Drake
  • Ori
  • Rebecca Sentance
  • Sammie Louise

Decisions taken since the last meeting

  • Approved last meeting’s minutes
  • Approved the payment to extend our Director & Officer liability insurance coverage
  • Approved the payment to get a Certificate of Good Standing from the State of Delaware needed in order to set up an investment portfolio
  • Approved the payment for Support and Abuse’s ticketing tool
  • Approved various expenses for various services related to state filings
  • Approved the appointment of new emergency chairs for our Elections Committee
  • Approved new staffers for AO3 Docs, DevMem, PAC, Finance, Tag Wrangling, Open Doors, Support, Systems
  • Approved changes to the eligibility guidelines for candidates for Board elections: candidates will need to have served as a staffer in the OTW for at least 9 months in the past year, excluding hiatus
  • Approved the new AO3 TOS in compliance with GDPR
  • Approved the new Fanlore TOS in compliance with GDPR
  • Approved the new OTW TOS in compliance with GDPR
  • Approved the new OTW Code of Conduct
  • Approved the purchase of additional disks for the virtual servers
  • Approved the 1 year renewal of our nonprofit director & officer liability insurance
  • Approved the invoice for our 2017 audit
  • Approved Legal’s participation in an Australian consultation on copyright law modernization
  • Approved Legal’s submission to The Canadian Parliament for its 5-year review of the Copyright Act
  • Approved Legal’s partnership with the MPAA to run a New York Right of Publicity ad
  • Approved DevMem’s request for sponsorship of an event at SDCC featuring TWC and Fanlore
  • Approved the purchase of for new switches for the servers for AD&T and Systems
  • Approved the purchase of new servers for AD&T and Systems
  • Approved Legal’s participation in a declaration made in support of the “Rapunzel” trademark opposition
  • Approved the creation of an official OTW Instagram account
  • Approved the reorder of out-of-stock premium items, and the order of new premium items
  • Approved the expansion of our server rack for Systems
  • Approved the outsourcing of Support to new web hosting and server services for TWC
  • Approved the purchase of additional new hardware for Systems and AD&T
  • Approved the induction of a new Translation Chair
  • Approved the payment for the Translation Committee’s survey tool

Open Session

  • Welcome to the Board of Directors to Lex & Natalia! We wish them a wonderful term and good luck with their training.
  • Fanlore Co-chairs Priscilla and Rebecca requested the induction of a third Co-chair, Kate. The Board approved.
  • We elected Officers for terms starting on October 1st:
    • Yuechiang Luo to remain as Treasurer
    • Claire P. Baker to serve as our new President
    • Jessie Camboulives to remain as Secretary

A huge thank you to Priscilla for her great work as President during the previous term, and best of luck to Claire!

  • On October 1st, Matty and Atiya’s terms will end. Over their 3 years of service, they made the OTW a better place and guided us all through extremely difficult situations. A huge thank you to them for all of their hard work!

Closed Session

No items

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM UTC
Minutes approved by the Board on September 10, 2018

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