Board Meeting Minutes: 08 January 2016

Organization for Transformative Works – Board of Directors

Minutes of the regular meeting: January 08, 2016, 18:00 UTC


  • Alex Tischer
  • Aline Carrão
  • Atiya Hakeem
  • Katarina Harju
  • Matty Bowers

Ania Kopertowska, Ariana, aruna, Ben Wilson, C. Ryan Smith, Curtis Jefferson, duckbunny, elmyra, Enigel, James Baxter, james_, Katie Fitzpatrick, Kiri Van Santen, Kristin Linder, Kristina Busse, levy, md, meinterrupted, Moth, mumble, Nary, Oriontsuki, par avion, Rose Jackson, Sarah Konersmann, Seamus Johnston, Sofia, SoyAlex, SunnyB, Trey C, Zsuzsa Gábor

Decisions taken since the last meeting:

    • approved minutes of last meeting
    • approved Alex and James Baxter as Web co-chairs
    • approved Mahewa as Elections co-chair
    • approved Alison as VolCom co-chair
    • approved Aline as Wiki liaison
    • scheduled meetings for January and February, alternating between Friday UTC 18:00 and Saturday UTC 03:00
    • approved Legal participation in EU consultation
    • approved Legal to go forward with statement about fan film lawsuit
    • approved new letterhead and business card design
    • approved Web request for migration cost
    • approved Systems request for SSH cert

Open Session

Finance update:

– Transfer of accounts is getting sorted out – snail mail requirements are slowing things down a bit
– Work on finding and hiring a CPA is also progressing
– Numbers:

PayPal:      $15,123.88
Checking:    $415,900.24
CD:          $10,145.77
Total:       $441,169.89
Budget update

– nearly all budget requests have been collected
– a budget draft is in the works, hopefully ready for review by the end of the month

How we work/How to reach us

– since Board is inconveniently spread around the globe in terms of time zones, a lot of the work is done asynchronously, heavily employing chat to do so
– Org internal, contact can be made in the public board channel, per DM or by just grabbing a Board member in any room
– Org external (or internal if prefered) the contact form on or email to board at are the best ways of contacting Board
– so far, Board has met with about 80% of the committees for a check in and are working on the rest
– no concrete plans for Office Hours have been made so far, but if there is external interest, please let us know

AD&T Documentation Thesis Project Proposal

– proposal for Katarina to do some much-needed documentation for AD&T as part of her thesis
– as long as Legal signs off on it, Board approves (with one abstention – Katarina)


– discussed newly approved stationery and where to make it internally available
– Board would like to express enormous thanks to Renay for all her time as chair in various committees

Closed Session

No items

The meeting was adjourned at 19:15 UTC.
Minutes approved by the Board on 10 January 2016.

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