Board Meeting Minutes: 28 June 2014

June 28, 2014, 18:00 UTC
PRESENT: Anna Genoese, Cat M, Eylul Dogruel, sanders
GUESTS:  Arithanas, Enigel, james_, Jenn Calaelen, Katarina Harju, LilyC, Ridicully, Sam Johnsson, Trey C, Charlotte history~, Michelle Dong, matty
ABSENT: Andrea
  • New staffer for I&O (passed)
  • Legal update to the FAQ to clarify QA about Open Doors and add QA about fanmixes (passed)
  • Since Board's office hours do not represent official Board decisions or policies, the transcripts will not be made public in order to avoid confusion and encourage in-org discussion. (Passed)
  • Best practices of nonprofits is to release minutes only of Board meetings (not transcripts) and we would prefer to stay in line with best practices for now, and allow interested parties who volunteer with the org to read transcripts throughout the year as they have been welcome to do this whole time, especially to be able to remain clear with the org and the public both about what has and has not been officially decided by Board. (Passed)
  • Retreat 2014 will be Oct 2-6, USA East Coast; Board + StratPlan + 1-2 members of Legal + 1-2 members of VolCom; to be discussed: strategic plan, long term plan, organizational structure (Passed)
1. Finance update
14-Jun 28-Jun Change
BoA 150751.22 150245.57 (505.65)
PayPal 6989.36 9310.73 2321.37 
CD 10134.51 10135.11 0.60 
Total 167,875.09  169,691.41  1816.32
  • Overall, we spent 505.65 in the last two weeks, most of that being analytics for the Archive. 
  • We brought in 2321.37, and earned interest on the CD.
2. Votes
  • Outstanding minutes – passed
  • Budget – voting bumped to email or next week
  • Anna is the new Elections workgroup liaison
  • meatspace alcohol policy – passed to send to legal
  • Election lead track role – passed
1. Discussed with facilitator ways to deal with staffers who have non-org problems interfering with org work
2. Discussed OTW media strategy

Minutes approved by the Board 14 July 2014.

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