22 March 2014 Minutes


March 22, 2014, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Andrea Horbinski, Anna Genoese, Cat Meier, Eylul Dogruel, sanders

GUESTS: Helka Lantto, Hana Lee, Sam J

ABSENT: Franzi

1. Board voted on minutes from 22 Feb, 1 Mar, and 8 Mar

1. Committee Updates

  • Tag Wrangling is recruiting
  • VolCom plans to recruit
  • DevMem is working on the posts that will go live during the April drive

2. Finance update

15-Mar 22-Mar Change
BoA 95421.37 94927.87  (493.50)
PayPal 10849.97 11122.7 272.73
CD 10127.37 10127.37 0.00
Total 116,398.71 116,177.94  (220.77)
  • 272.73 in income from PayPal. $493.50 in expenses from New Relic (AO3 analytics) and Quickbooks 

Geek Data (Month To Date)

  • total: $1320.00
  • 100 donations
  • avg of $13.20
  • avg of approx 5 donations a day
  • high of 11 donations and $140 in a single day
  • 1 Year Ago:
  • 69 donations
  • total: $1230.00
  • highs of 9 donations, $140
  • avg: $17.80
  • avg 3 donations/day

the upshot being that we’re bringing in more donations this March than a year ago, but at a lower average amount.

3. Mini fundraising primer for people who aren’t sure how to write their own posts about the April drive:

  • “The OTW does important things and is great. Please give us money.” is also a completely valid pitch, everyone. Just… flesh it out a bit?
    • What are three of the important things and why are each of those great?
    • Then follow up with “Here’s where you can give us money (sorry PayPal is still crap).”
    • This year the theme has some great and easy fallbacks for the ‘important things’– million works, half a million fanlore edits, March discussions of future of fanworks, moving toward raising a quarter million dollars.

Many thanks to sanders!

4. Docs Project

  • Election Officer has been revised
  • Board will work on Diversity guidelines this week

5. Liaising changes

  • On hold until end of April


1. Board discussed confidential staff issues

2. Board member disclosed potential financial COI and agreed to abstain from any voting on said issue if it arises in the future.


Minutes approved by the Board 5 May 2014.

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