Board Meeting Minutes: June 22 2013


22 June 2013, 00:00 UTC

PRESENT: Andrea Horbinski, Cat Meier, Franzeska Dickson, sanders


ABSENT: Kristen Murphy, Ira Gladkova, Eylul Dogruel


1. Maia Bobrowicz submitted her resignation from the Board effective 10 June.

2. Approved a request from Kristen Murphy to transition out of the role of Board president and into the role of secretary.

3. Approved the induction of three more new staffers for the Web committee.

4. Approved a proposal from Development & Membership for an outreach event at San Diego Comic-Con at an estimated net cost of $250.


1. Tag Wrangling is going along as normal, and answering some interesting (and tricky!) support questions. Support, Tag Wrangling, and Abuse have been in talks to clarify purview and discuss how to respond to some issues that overlap their purviews.

2. Finance report from sanders. She has prepared expense reports covering January through early June 2013. The full reports were e-mailed to the Board. In summary, the OTW’s total expenses by month were:

January $2637.73 
February $2977.85 
March $4280.97 
April $5032.89 
May $3959.57 
June 1-4 $835.75

Total $19724.76

Monthly average January-May: $3777.802

So far this year we have been spending much less than we’ve brought in. The jumps in expenses during March, April, and May were caused by insurance premiums and costs associated with the April membership drive.

Overall account balances for June so far are:

1-Jun 8-Jun 21-Jun
BoA 106255.46 105420.64 104752.83 (667.81)
PayPal 40318.86 41351.80 43275.16 1923.36
CD 10096.79 10096.79 10096.79 0.00
Total 156671.11 156869.23 158124.78 1255.55

3. Category Change is currently gearing up for the public post of their proposal.

4. Content Policy is having a discussion with the relevant committees about an updated draft Archive FAQ.

5. Discussion of next org-wide meeting. There has been a proposal to not have a June or July org-wide and instead have a Board Open House in mid-July. Several Board members would commit to being in the Public Discussion room for a large portion of a day, probably in some sort of rotation. The Board members in attendance decided on a tentative date of 13 July; planning will continue via e-mail.


1. Discussion of a confidential personnel matter.

2. Discussed nominations for the role of Board president; discussion and vote to continue via e-mail.

3. Discussed coverage for liaison roles formerly held by Maia.

4. Andrea and sanders presented a proposal for an in-person Board retreat, which would potentially occur in November 2013 in the San Francisco Bay area and would potentially include a strategy meeting, a conference call with chairs, and a fundraising party for OTW supporters. All those in attendance were supportive of the idea; discussion will continue via e-mail.

5. Volunteers & Recruiting would like to no longer be responsible for deleting empty Campfire transcripts, which they currently do for the entire org (in order to prevent us from hitting our data storage limit on Campfire). Instead, chairs would be responsible for their own rooms. This would not involve any changes to access levels (i.e., who can see which rooms). All in attendance thought this was a good idea. sanders will ask VolCom to notify allchairs of the change. (CORRECTION added 15 August 2013: The preceding is factually incorrect. It is preserved here because it accurately represents the conversation that occurred in the meeting; however, that conversation was misinformed. In fact, VolCom has been in the practice of deleting empty Campfire transcripts on a weekly basis, and they would like to stop doing this. They will still delete individual transcripts by request–for example, in cases where confidential information was accidentally shared in an unlocked room–and delete all transcripts at the end of the year, to prevent the organization from hitting our data storage limit. Committee chairs are not responsible for deleting transcripts in their own rooms, and in fact do not have the administrative access necessary to do so.)


The meeting was adjourned at 02:20 UTC.

Minutes approved by the Board on 29 June 2013.

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