Board Meeting Minutes: June 8 2013


8 June 2013, 19:00 UTC

PRESENT: Cat Meier, Eylul Dogruel, Ira Gladkova, Kristen Murphy, sanders

GUESTS: Claudia Rebaza, Enigel

ABSENT: Maia Bobrowicz, Franzeska Dickson, Andrea Horbinski


1. The Board sent thank-you messages to Volunteers & Recruiting for their work to revise the recruitment process; and to Development & Membership and other committees involved in the April membership drive for their work on that project.

2. Approved a request from Legal to sign onto an EFF amicus brief seeking rehearing of Hart v. Electronic Arts, a case involving the right of publicity.

3. Conditionally approved a request from the Webmasters committee to change its name to “Web Strategy, Design & Development” (Web for short), a name which better reflects the nature and scope of the committee’s work. We asked that they touch base with Accessibility, Design, & Technology as a courtesy given the similarity between the names.

4. Approved the induction of 3 new staff members for Web.


1. Financial update from sanders:

1-Jun 8-Jun 
BoA 106255.46 105420.64 (834.82) 
PayPal 40318.86 41351.80 1032.94 
CD 10096.79 10096.79 0.00 
Total 156671.11 156869.23 198.12


2. Claudia shared some statistics from Communications:

The April membership drive coincided with the appearance of OTW twitter feeds on AO3’s front page. This led to a huge jump in clicks starting at that time. For example, the first drive post received 147 bitly clicks, only 2 from AO3 and most from Twitter (99).

The second post on Fanhackers received 248 bitly clicks, 128 from AO3 (and only 57 from Twitter), and the fourth on Open Doors received 188 bitly clicks, 117 from AO3 (and 42 from Twitter).

This doesn’t guarantee that all tweets are getting much interest. For example the Fanlore drive post only got 22 bitly clicks, although 10 of those were from AO3, so it is boosting the overall total a great deal on many tweets.

Incidentally the drive’s Thank You post got the highest rate of clicks — 890 bitly clicks, 737 of which were from AO3 and only 48 from Twitter. So this is going to be a significant improvement in getting out important news to users.

Even without AO3 in the mix, we were seeing a growth in readership from last year, mostly from making consistent posts to Facebook and Tumblr.

3. Kristen shared an update from DevMem: Planning for the Comic-Con event is moving forward and they expect to send a proposal for associated expenses within the next few days. The majority of the expense will be offset by donations.

Also, all of the premium shipping from the April drive is now finished! It was a big job this time around due to the volume of the drive: there were 88 packages that had to be sent by hand in addition to the ones that are sent by our vendor.


1. Confidential discussion of a personnel matter.

2. Discussion of Communications video project.

3. Discussion about a need to clarify expectations for intra-Board communication, particularly in situations where a specific Board member has been designated as the point person for communicating between the Board and other parties.

The meeting was adjourned at 21:30 UTC.

Minutes approved by the Board on 29 June 2013.

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