Board Meeting Minutes: November 3, 2012



November 3rd, 2012, 00:01 UTC
PRESENT: Nikisha Sanders, Naomi Novik, Andrea Horbinski, Francesca Coppa, Ira Gladkova, Kristen Murphy, Franzeska Dickson.

GUESTS: Elz, Alison Watson, Lady Oscar, Curtis Jefferson, Renay, Sam Johnson, Matty, Nele Noppe, hele, FishieMishie.

ABSENT: Julia Beck (on hiatus), Eylul Dogruel, Jenny Scott-Thompson.

  1. Approved a new potential co-chair for Survey.


  1. Wiki has a date for finishing the mediawiki upgrade, in cooperation with Systems: Nov 17. There are still a few CSS issues, but overall it’s a ton of work due a big round of applause. They’ve also been clearing up some issues around fanart use.
  2. Cat Change has gotten a lot of feedback already, and are sorting through it.
  3. April Quickbooks now matches April Paypal matches reports from both. It’s taken roughly 40 hours of work between the committee to get done with the fidgety work on the entries themselves and finessing Excel to de-deduplicate and match 2000 entries.
  4. Volcom’s got Still Willing To Serve happening, and if you know anyone who plans to stay with us and hasn’t responded, please nudge them.
  5. Tag Wranglers and Grants are both still awesome.
  6. ADT will be doing load testing on the new search and filters this Sunday! This is also using our new beta-testing next system (many thanks to james_ for setting this up), which allows us to deploy code onto production itself but let users opt in or out of the new code, which will also make it much easier to get broader input on new features and design and make it less stressful for users when new major things are deployed. We’ll be recruiting on allvolunteers to invite org staff to try it first if they want, so we should get a good hit on the server to let us know if performance will stand up under the full archive load.
  7. The Code of Conduct and Constructive Corrective Action Procedure were presented. The Code of Conduct outlines the expected behaviors of OTW personnel in order to cooperatively achieve the Organization’s mission and goals. Although conflicts may yet occur, the Constructive Corrective Action Procedure provides transparent guidelines for addressing and resolving them. Both documents have been endorsed by Board.


  1. We discussed a confidential personnel issue.
  2. We discussed potential potential appointments to Board to temporarily fill any vacant seats caused by retirement.

The meeting was adjourned at 02:00 UTC.
Minutes approved by the board on 6th November.

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