Board Meeting Minutes: October 26, 2012



October 26th, 2012, 18:00 UTC
PRESENT: Nikisha Sanders, Eylul Dogruel, Jenny Scott-Thompson, Ira Gladkova (not quorate).

GUESTS: Lady Oscar, Curtis Jefferson, Elz.

ABSENT: Julia Beck (on hiatus), Kristen Murphy, Andrea Horbinski, Francesca Coppa, Naomi Novik, Franzeska Dickson.

  1. Approved adding new board members to the mailing list to see all past emails.
  2. Discussed a confidential personnel matter.
  3. We declared the last vote on meta to be non-binding and affirm the meta discussion to be ongoing.
  4. We plan to finish drafting/editing the meta “positions” writeboard, release it to staff, and a reasonable time later (3-5 days) release it in public. This would help address the immediate problems of confusion and lack of transparency.
  5. We agreed to start a message in basecamp inviting input on following and refining the meta process model discussed in email and subscribe the chairs of Abuse, AD&T, ContPol, and Support. This would keep the discussion in the open, which was a major issue last time, and would allow interested staffers from those committees to subscribe themselves and follow along. This would also let meta-based fans in our own personnel pool to see and participate as well.


  1. Nothing major from Support or Translation.
  2. Strategic Planning are nearly done with their first report, which will be sent to Tag Wrangling staff for review, then Board for review, then all Tag Wrangler volunteers, then published publicly.
  3. Finance are nearly done with the first quarterly report of 2012, after an epic battle with QuickBooks, Paypal and Bank of America.
  4. We asked if anyone wanted to be the next Elections Officer and most people ran in the opposite direction.
  5. Wiki is trying to wrap up the mediawiki upgrade with some CSS tweaks, and Mishie kindly pointed them towards some possible help.
  6. From Volcom, an e-mail went out to all current staff as a heads up for Still Willing To Serve, which will be sent to all staff on November 1. They’re also finalizing the last bits on the Code of Conduct & Constructive Corrective Action Procedure which should be forwarded to Board within the next week and preparing to begin the Recruitment Revision project.
  7. New disks for AO3’s database server are on their way and should hopefully be installed sometime next week.
  8. AD&T are continuing testing of the new search and filtering system and will also be doing some load testing this weekend. They have an updated version of the AO3 roadmap to send to Board soon.
  9. Tag Wranglers just had a cross-committee meeting with AD&T, and went over some of the requests from wranglers for various things on the Archive. They’re also still working on documentation to turn public, and handling the usual inquiries/comments/complaints that come in through Support.


  1. We agreed to do a fresh poll for meeting times, since this is the second week in a row that we haven’t been quorate.
  2. We also reiterated that the obligation to attend meetings continues after handing in one’s resignation note, up until the date of that resignation taking effect.
  3. We approved a new staff member and a new co-chair.
  4. Francesca arrived part-way through, giving us quorum and confirming the votes.

The meeting was adjourned at 19:50 UTC.
Minutes approved by the board on 10th November.

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