Board Meeting Minutes: October 20, 2012



October 20th, 2012, 14:00 UTC
PRESENT: Nikisha Sanders, Eylul Dogruel, Ira Gladkova, Andrea Horbinski (not quorate).

GUESTS: Elz, James_, Curtis Jefferson.

ABSENT: Julia Beck (on hiatus), Kristen Murphy, Jenny Scott-Thompson, Francesca Coppa, Naomi Novik, Franzeska Dickson.

  1. Approved two new hard disks for the database server for AO3, at a cost of $1700. Approved reducing the database log backup retention to 7 days until we can get the new disks, given the current shortage of disk space.
  2. Approved extending our SSL certifications for (used for internal secure systems such as the Vault) to 2016 at a discounted rate. The other SSL certificates are already extended up to 2014.


  1. Continuing intros and goals from last time:
    • “Hi, I am Eylul. I joined the org in late 2009 as an AD&T volunteer, and was testing lead for 2010. Then, I continued as a staffer into 2011. I am working with I&O this year, as well as with the Survey and Category Change workgroups. Outside of OTW, I am an artist, and a grad student, with background in UX, design, and computer science among other things.”
    • Goals for this year: “1) to focus on structure of the org and its transition from a start-up state to a more mature org. The whole blog post was part of that thought process but certainly not limited to that. (e.g. supporting Strategic planning’s work as well as committees who are going through internal restructuring is a huge part of this process).
    • “2) to bring forward inclusiveness as an org culture. Again this involves both supporting I&O’s, Translation’s and SP’s work, and to advocate in decisions I participate in either as a staffer or board member, and to support other initiatives and projects that come up within other projects and committees.”
    • Andrea: “I’ve been with the OTW since 2009 as a volunteer, joined I&O in 2010, am Chair this year. I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley in modern Japanese history and new media, outside the org.”
    • “My goals for next year are 1) to address and even out the resources and attention paid to the various OTW projects – both structurally and people-wise. Like Eylul, I think the Org structure needs to be re-examined rather than taken for granted, which is one of the reasons I look forward to strategic planning’s work. 2) I want to make sure that Chairs are getting adequate training in the transition from staff to chair – short-term this is liaison work, but long-term I would like to see concrete procedures and resources.”
  2. Committee updates from liaisons:
    • TW is working on bringing forward more of the wrangling FAQs for public view and answering the usual round of tag-related support tickets.
    • Volcom just sent notice that internal recruitment is open again, and they’ve asked chairs to let them know what needs are. They’re working on preparing for the still willing to serve process, and discussing how chair reviews and end of year reports might go.
    • Strat planning is working on the current round of surveys for committees, following up with those who indicated they wanted to have more in-depth discussions from the survey of tag wranglers, working on the report that will come to board about tag wranglers, and thinking about whom they’d like to have as liaison in Jenny’s place.
    • Cat Change has been hard at work planning for all the feedback they will need to deal with and incorporating that into a public post.
    • I&O have been working on their committee documentation, especially their self-description.
    • Wiki have been working on the mediawiki upgrade.
    • OD and Abuse are trying to work out how to handle some importing issues around memorial archives/accounts, as well as the usual caseload.


  1. Explained topics in progress to new board members, including opinions posts and emerita and advisory boards.

The meeting was adjourned at 02:00 UTC.

Minutes approved by the board on 26th October.

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