Board Meeting Minutes: September 14, 2012


September 14th, 2012, 18:00 UTC

PRESENT: Jenny Scott-Thompson, Ira Gladkova, Francesca Coppa, Naomi Novik, Nikisha Sanders.

GUESTS: Curtis Jefferson, Tiyire, Eylul.

ABSENT: Julia Beck, Kristen Murphy.


  1. Approved the addition of a hardware firewall to our proposed UK hosting.
  2. VolCom asked board liaisons to follow up with committee chairs who have not yet informed VolCom of their succession plans.
  3. Agreed on a summary of the currently ongoing discussion of meta on the AO3 to be sent to volunteers and staff and then posted publicly.


  1. Support are still waiting for an update on meta, and having a lot of failed activations from emails ending up in spam, so they’re talking to AD&T on that.
  2. Fincom are continuing with documentation and reconciliation, aiming to have everything ship-shape for October.
  3. Translation are continuing to train up all the staffers who are new this year, Aga is settling in as chair, and starting to make plans for the future, including all the documentation.
  4. Cat Change have put out their job ad to the wrangling mailing list asking for a tag wrangling volunteer to join the workgroup. They’ve also finished setting up their contact form/autoreply and have been discussing how to archive feedback as they expect to get a lot.
  5. Tag Wranglers are wading through various suggestions about the tagging system, as usual.
  6. Volcom continues to plow through revisions on induction and recruitment while handling various staffing issues.
  7. Strategic Planning are working on getting in touch with people who’ve indicated they wanted to talk more after being surveyed for their committees, or who are former volunteers and contacted SP through the communications form. Anna’s agreed to stay on as chair through next term. Sanders has stepped back into a more traditional liaising role for a bit to get Fincom settled.
  8. Survey is moving along with updates.
  9. Journal’s next issue is about to come out Sept 15th, they’ve got the press release ready to go.
  10. Open Doors has a proposal in progress, which may be ready for next week.
  11. Legal has been distributing among chairs informaion about when to check with Legal.
  12. Systems are moving forward with the UK servers and colocation. The hardware for firewalls was approved over email by Board, ordered by Fincom yesterday, and should be arriving pretty much any time now.
  13. Org-wide topic for September will be Elections, with open space for any other business if the election is still uncontested.
  14. We discussed how to progress the many open discussions from email.


  1. We discussed the phrasing of our post on meta. We agreed to look at it again this weekend.

The meeting was adjourned at 20:15 UTC.

Minutes approved by the board on 29th September.

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