Board Meeting Minutes: July 21, 2012


July 28th, 2012, 14:00 UTC

PRESENT: Ira Gladkova, Julia Beck, Jenny Scott-Thompson, Kristen Murphy.

GUESTS: Aja, Elz, Eylul, Feng, Sam Johnson, Lady Oscar.

ABSENT: Nikisha Sanders, Naomi Novik, Francesca Coppa.


  1. We approved some old minutes from 2007 for public posting.
  2. We finalized and posted our decision on the 2012 election.
  3. We discussed theories around organisational structure, cf. closed session below.
  4. We approved approaching two potential candidates for chair positions.
  5. We agreed to publish our Conflict of Interest and Gift Acceptance policies on the website once they have been slightly revised.
  6. We agreed to Ira posting her summary of elections 2011 issues in her role as 2011 Elections Officer as a personal post to the OTW blog, pending some discussion.
  7. Systems and Wiki need a PHP expert to be added to the Wiki team, so that Systems are not doing development work. We asked a volunteer with WikiMedia contacts to help with targeted recruiting.



  1. Category Change workgroup is having its second meeting this weekend. In between, there was ML discussion, and the group also introduced itself to the wrangler mailing list and elicited a lot of feedback/ideas. Said feedback from wrangling ML included a lot of requests for documentation and transparency.
  2. The AO3 RAM upgrade went well: the resources for caching and mysql were increased, which will allow a slow increase in the number of invites going out.
  3. The Strategic Planning workgroup are preparing their survey of Volcom and are getting replies from wranglers.
  4. Aja’s OTW representation at Ascendio went pretty well, and around 15-20 respondents filled out the info request sheet provided at the OTW’s table.
  5. We briefly discussed the scheduling of the upcoming Board members blog posts series.
  6. We gave a short update on the state of the “meta on AO3” discussion: Specifically, our two big concerns are technical issues and enforcement. For technical concerns: can the archive handle the load, both in terms of volume and in terms of whatever different behaviour it could bring? Can we host meta *properly* such that it is findable (and avoidable)? We’re debating the details of this now. For enforcement: will our committees be able to enforce the sorts of rules we’re looking at? We know a lot of people are interested in the outcome of this discussion, and we’ll strive to keep you informed and come to a decision as quickly as possible.
  7. The Elections 2012 timeline is now live.
  8. A proposal on Emerita Board and Advisory Board awaits more input by e-mail.
  9. Alternative meeting times poll still needs more votes and will be re-sent.

Open session adjourned at 14:55 UTC.

No quorum, since Jenny S-T lost internet access. All items below will also be taken to e-mail or brought up in following sessions.

  1. We discussed two personnel items.
  2. We discussed clarifying minimum requirements for Board service and talked about enforceability in time for the upcoming elections. We agreed to start this by drafting realistic role descriptions.
  3. We mentioned potentially re-shuffling liaision roles.
  4. We acknowledged a suggested model of the OTW’s structure as a useful basis to start talking about skills, roles, and possible gaps in our organizational grid.

The meeting was adjourned at 16:00 UTC.

Minutes approved by the board on 4th August 2012.

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