Board Meeting Minutes: June 2, 2012


June 2nd, 2012, 14:00 UTC

PRESENT: Nikisha Sanders, Ira Gladkova, Julia Beck, Jenny Scott-Thompson, Kristen Murphy.

GUESTS: Elz, Eylul, Aja.

ABSENT: Naomi Novik, Francesca Coppa.


  1. Approved elections rules for the candidate manifestos.


Updates from Legal and Vidding:

  1. Test Suite Revised:
  2. The Test Suite now features a comparison video showing the screen capture our adversaries want us to use vs. the DVD-ripping exemption we want. We used the program that the other side demonstrated in last week’s California hearings (attended by Legal team member and master spy, Betsy Rosenblatt) (only kidding: hearings were open to the public, though we did arrange for her to go and for Jonathan McIntosh to testify) and intend to argue in DC that it’s nowhere good enough for vidding.
  3. Now with image gallery: You can see comparison captures vs. rips here.
  4. DMCA Testimony by Tushnet, Coppa, and Turk scheduled for June 4, 2012.
  5. We’re now hosting a copy of the OTW’s just-filed amicus brief in Hart vs. Electronic Arts. This is a case where Hart, a football player, tried to stop the video game maker Electronic Arts from using facts about him—his height, weight, jersey # etc—in their video game under right of publicity. We’re arguing that the right of publicity doesn’t trump free speech, and that Electronic Arts has the right to include basic facts about a person in a creative work (like RPF writers do).
  6. The amicus brief is linked from the legal page:
  7. Jeremy Brett (no, not THAT Jeremy Brett) who used to work for the FCPP in Iowa has moved to Texas A&M library which also has extensive science fiction collections. He wants to work on fannish materials there, and one of the things he wants to work on is “a list of archival Best Practices for Fannish Materials”. We’d be happy to promote/host/and link to such a thing and we would also get our legal people to look over whatever he came up with. We’ll also see if Open Doors can liaise with him at all to share experiences.
  8. We discussed the current high load on the AO3, and possible mitigation.


  1. Agreed rules for neutrality of the elections officer.
  2. Agreed to refer to the org-wide meeting by that term and phase out the use of “all org meeting”.
  3. Discussed possibility of adding new board members, bringing the total to nine, to help with the workload.
  4. Discussed Board-Volcom relationship, historical tensions and purview. Volcom and their liaison will draw up a role document.
  5. Voted to confirm Renay to continue as Volcom chair for next term, i.e. from September 2012-September 2013.
  6. Discussed procedures for asking people to step down from a role, and how to make sure that this is clearly documented.
  7. We discussed how to improve communication about grant applications in the future.
  8. We discussed board transparency, and plans to improve it with the help of Jintian from Communications.
  9. We agreed the org-wide topic for June.

The meeting was adjourned at 16:50 UTC.

Minutes approved by the board on 20th June.

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