Board Meeting Minutes: April 28, 2012


April 28th, 2012, 14:00 UTC

PRESENT: Jenny Scott-Thompson, Kristen Murphy, Nikisha Sanders, Julia Beck, Naomi Novik.

GUESTS: Katherine Darnell, Alison Watson, Elz, Aja, Renay.

ABSENT: Francesca Coppa, Ira Gladkova.


  1. We approved a new staff member for Comms and one for Open Doors and one for Support and one for Translation
  2. We approved Cat to join Sanders as Finance co-chair
  3. We did a lot of work for the drive
  4. We agreed to cancel the meeting on the 21st as several of us were either away or busy with the drive
  5. We discussed access to mailing lists
  6. We approved an upgrade to our SurveyMonkey account ($300) to accommodate the large response to our survey and allow us to analyse the replies better. There was an option to either overpay specific responses or upgrade the whole account, and we decided to go for the unlimited option, as we expected to get more than the equivalent number of responses, and the extra features could be useful for future surveys.
  7. We approved a request from Volcom to separate out their Basecamp areas for intake and other work.
  8. We authorised a Pinboard account for Comms at a cost of $10, to replace their old Delicious account and help them publicise blog posts.
  9. We approved the formation of a survey workgroup to assist I&O in analysing the survey results and support committees in considering the feedback.
  10. We approved a cost of $100 for AD&T to performance test a new search system for AO3 using Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service. If this goes well, we can discuss possibly using this or similar cloud services for more performance testing in future. Legal has also approved this.


  1. The survey has over 5700 responses so far, and more are trickling in. The workgroup are looking at different ways to handle the data usefully and transparently, so that chairs can get the information in the way they need. The group are working closely with the strategic planning workgroup and Communications committee. More volunteers to join the workgroup would be welcomed.
  2. Thank you to everyone who helped out with the membership drive. Reaching out to the AO3 and Fanlore users worked particularly well.
  3. Sanders gave a detailed update on our finances and what we spent money on last year, as a preview of the annual report. We will be giving more detail during May in an org-wide focus and blog posts.
  4. AD&T have just completely revamped and streamlined their tutorials for getting started, and have also come up with a plan to try and open the door for people a bit more — Once a month they are going to hold an open house coder tutorial and go through two free web-based tutorials ( and which let people code in their web browser — new volunteers don’t have to install any software at all.


  1. The elections workgroup have started discussing FAQs and how to improve navigation of the elections site.
  2. Julia presented Volcom’s intake report for February.
  3. A confidential personnel matter was discussed.
  4. Elections items were discussed, and the following were agreed:
    • The elections officer proposes the dates and the board approve them.
    • The elections officer is selected by majority vote of the board, and should be a staffer but not necessarily a board member in future.
    • All board members and the elections officer should help recruit candidates.

The meeting was adjourned at 16:00 UTC.

Minutes approved by the board on 2nd May.

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