Board Meeting Minutes: April 14, 2012


April 14th, 2012, 14:00 UTC

PRESENT: Jenny Scott-Thompson, Kristen Murphy, Nikisha Sanders, Julia Beck, Ira Gladkova.

GUESTS: Katherine Darnell, Alison Watson, Elz.

ABSENT: Francesca Coppa, Naomi Novik.


  1. We approved new staff members for Open Doors, Comms, Web and I&O
  2. We approved the creation of a mailing list as our first step towards formalising an emerita and/or advisory board and making better links with our emerita board members.


  1. Journal is working on building a partnership between TWC and Cinema Journal wherein we’ll do some interviews/multimedia pieces in conjunction with some of their issues.
  2. Open Doors got a yes from 852 Prospect, the Sentinel Archive, for an A03 import! Wildly exciting stuff, and Mishie and the team are working on a timeline, so it will be announced formally soon.
  3. I&O Survey: test group results are in, some tweaks are needed but it’s generally good, and only takes 15 minutes to complete. We’d like to publicize it during the drive, and keep it open for a second week afterwards. We’ll announce it on the AO3 and Fanlore if possible as well as the main website, email to members and Twitter.
  4. The membership drive will be 18-25th April, and we’d love for all our volunteers to talk it up on their social networks. Our overall theme is “by fans, for fans” with an emphasis on how the OTW itself is a fanwork/practice that works to support and protect other fanworks and practices.
  5. Sanders presented the financial statements, which will be in the annual report. The question was raised as to why the March drive last year brought in much less than usual – there were a variety of factors involved, and DevMem are working to improve their processes.
  6. April org-wide topic will be elections and the role of a board member.
  7. Julia will be temporarily liaising for I&O, but Ira will continue with this in the long term.


  1. Discussion about the role of Elections Officer.
    • Jenny is appointed EO, with a new workgroup to be created to support the role.
    • EO role includes the following:
      • Posting announcements of election dates on the site, with help from Comms
      • Working with Webs to revamp the site
      • Working with Comms to update FAQs and make the process clearer
      • Adjusting rules for things like a mandatory word limit on questions, rolling batches of questions, format of candidate statements and chats. Board’s advice will be offered, but the elections officer is free to make decisions on these.
      • Facilitate discussion amongst the board to settle remaining questions
    • EO role may or may not include the following, to be decided by board at a later date:
      • Recruiting candidates
      • Choosing the election dates
      • What, if anything, should be done when a candidate can’t meet obligations during the election.
    • EO role does not include the following, which remain decisions for board:
      • Whose seats are up for re-election
      • How we choose an elections officer, and what rules govern how they stay neutral.
      • When we get the code of conduct in place and how it will impact election debates
      • Purpose of elections and what we want in the ideal candidate

The meeting was adjourned at 16:35 UTC.

Minutes approved by the board on 17th April.

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