Board Meeting Minutes: April 7, 2012


April 7th, 2012, 14:00 UTC

PRESENT: Jenny Scott-Thompson, Kristen Murphy, Nikisha Sanders, Francesca Coppa, Naomi Novik.

GUESTS: Elz, Katherine Darnell, Enigel.

ABSENT: Julia Beck, Ira Gladkova.


  1. Liaison for the new Grants committee was discussed via email.
  2. Org-wide dates for the rest of the year were discussed via email.
  3. We agreed to post the elections report on the wiki to be visible to all org volunteers, not just the board.
  4. We discussed the elections report further via email.
  5. We approved a request to create a new volunteers-discuss mailing list for Volcom to separate out intake work from other work.
  6. A proposed roadmap for planning from the strategic planning workgroup was discussed via email.


  1. We considered term breaks and when they are scheduled – Finance would like to move to a June switchover instead of December, and there are other committees it might make sense for. Shutting down the whole org in December/January doesn’t really work very well. We asked Volcom to review this and get back to us.
  2. Open Doors are talking to the archivist of OWL to see if the OTW can help them.
  3. We signed for DMCA testimony at the Library of Congress and have been talking to EFF about it.
  4. The diversity showcase of vids on the AO3 is nearly ready, thanks to Natasha from I&O.
  5. New Webmasters are getting trained up and sharing the rotation load – thanks to them for helping out.
  6. DevMem are busy preparing for the membership drive, and thank Comms for helping out with drafting posts.
  7. Wiki are just about ready to post their forums discussion opener to their users, and are working on a bunch of April-Showers-related and connected posts and chats as well as starting to look at testing the MediaWiki upgrade with Systems.
  8. AD&T are running the April Showers import party next Saturday, and the tweeting is going well. They’ve been talking to Volcom about intake and training, working on an upgrade to the latest version of Rails, working with Systems to switch our error handling software (which should hopefully save some money!) and the coders are continuing to chop away at the bug list. And they’ve managed to deploy according to plan every month this year.
  9. Tag wranglers are working on revisions to their wiki pages, including some minimum requirements to be considered an active wrangler, and an actual redesign of how information is presented. Jenn Calaelen has taken charge of that second part and is doing a fantastic job incorporating feedback. Ira is amazing and putting together a guide for wrangling Pokemon. It requires flow charts and color-coding and spreadsheets. She’s incredibly brave.
  10. The Strategic Planning workgroup’s proposed roadmap was discussed. Comms can help with blog posts to publicise the process and collect feedback from users in comments, and Web can help with additional surveys if required. The roadmap was approved.
  11. Sanders and Kristen will be joint liaisons for Grants.
  12. Org-wide meeting dates were agreed for the next few months.


No items.

The meeting was adjourned at 15:55 UTC.

Minutes approved by the board on 12th April.

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