Board Meeting Minutes: July 20, 2011


July 20, 2011, 1:00 UTC

PRESENT: Rachel Barenblat, Hele Braunstein, Ira Gladkova, Sheila Lane, Allison Morris, Kristen Murphy
ABSENT: Francesca Coppa


  1. The minutes from July 13 were approved via e-mail.
  2. Between this meeting and the last, the Board voted unanimously (via e-mail) to approve a new staffer for the Support committee.
  3. Allison reported that she expects to send information on strategic planning and the conduct policy proposal on Thursday, and that the internal forum is nearing readiness for launch.
  4. Hele presented a draft of a post about the diversity brainstorming list, as well as a list of items that need to be cleared with committees for inclusion in the post. The draft was moved to a writeboard so all Board members can work on it. Hele will ask all chairs to review the items related to their committees and to offer additional suggestions if they have them.
  5. Kristen reported that the Webmasters have solved some long-standing style problems with the Transformative Works and Cultures website, and the fixes should be going live this week. Webmasters will also be taking over some routine CiviCRM tasks previously handled by DevMem, including e-mail notifications to members whose memberships are about to expire.


  1. Allison reported that she has been mentoring via_ostiense to take her place as VolCom chair in September (when VolCom’s term rolls over). The appointment was unanimously approved by all present.
  2. Allison reported that there have been no new developments in the legal matter discussed last week.
  3. Hele encouraged anyone who has possible discussion topics for org-wide meetings to notify her via e-mail. She will give an update on the internal forum project at the next org-wide.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 UTC.

Minutes approved by the Board on July 20, 2011.

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