Board Meeting Minutes: February 2, 2011


February 2, 2011, 2:00 UTC

PRESENT: Rachel Barenblat, Hele Braunstein, Francesca Coppa, Ira Gladkova, Allison Morris, Kristen Murphy
ABSENT: Sheila Lane


  1. The minutes from January 19 were unanimously approved via e-mail.
  2. Since its last meeting, the Board has approved several new staffers via e-mail. We also voted via e-mail to approve a request from the Systems Committee to upgrade the dev server (which was running out of memory) and move the zen server from slicehost to linode at a net cost increase of $12/month. All of these votes were unanimous.
  3. The first org-wide meeting was a success and very well-attended. The number of simultaneous chat participants exceeded the capacity of the OTW’s Campfire account; VolCom is investigating options for dealing with this.
  4. The first all-chairs meeting has been set for February 12 and will have a fairly loose agenda. Francesca suggested that we encourage chairs to share their IM contact information at the meeting. Allison encouraged those who are comfortable doing so to post their IM information in Basecamp.
  5. Kristen, on behalf of the Webmasters, presented a new Twitter widget for the front page of It aggregates tweets from all three of the OTW’s Twitter accounts. The new widget was enthusiastically received by the Board.
  6. Allison reported that AD&T, DevMem, and VolCom are collaborating on an application for the Google Summer of Code.
  7. Allison reported that the org has been getting more interest in internships; VolCom is working on ways to advertise this possibility to potential interns.
  8. The Board commended the new and outgoing chairs of Support, Tag Wrangling, and AD&T for accomplishing smooth leadership transitions while working through the break. The new chairs recently held a joint meeting and are establishing a weekly shared databurst to promote good communication and a close working relationship among these three sister committees.


No items.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:46 UTC.

Minutes approved by the Board on February 10, 2011.

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