Board Meeting Minutes: July 5, 2007

JULY 5, 2007, 10 PM

REDACTED Feb 4, 2012


PRESENT: Novik, Gibel, Coppa, Tushnet, Tepper, Cupitt, Wyrick

AGENDA FOR 7/5 at 10 PM

  • revisit communication format/medium
  • revisit name, ideally have vote to make final decision
  • incorporation progress report from Gibel and Tushnet
  • committees
    • starting with, are we happy with our list of committees
    • then moving to how we will staff
    • then to actual staffing

Agenda Item #1: Revisiting Communication

How do we like Campfire? We like it fine!

Agenda Item #2: Revisiting The Organization Name

Past alternatives briefly raised, including the Transformative Works Organization (TWO) as an alternative to Organization for Transformative Works. The idea of adding “International” was raised and discarded in that we’re not, at least at first, going to actually be international. However, we’d like to add International at a later date.

Resolved: Name choice: Organization for Transformative Works (OTW)

Agenda Item #3: Incorporation Progress

Heidi Tandy has done 10-12 incorporations and will do ours on the model of FictionAlley. The next part will be 501(c)(3) status, which happens after incorporation. In terms of what state to incorporate in, NY seems the center of gravity. Does NY law allow foreign nationals to be on the board? (as it varies state to state.) It’s ok in DC. Tushnet will check out. It doesn’t cost much ($200) to pay a registered agent. The advantage of an agent is that they know what to do with the paperwork: do we, or does whoever we choose as an agent? We may want an agent regardless.

Resolved: to reopen the state issue next time. Tushnet will report back.

Agenda Item #4: Committees.

Do we want a separate committee for accessibility? No, it should be built into design; utility of a separate committee is less important than actually having the accessibility person intimately involved. Do we need a separate ADMIN committee to help Coppa with paperwork? Not at this stage. A note made only to use pseuds in meeting from now on, or in any document that’s to be uploaded.

Resolved: Base Committees are–

  • Accessibility, Design & Technology
  • Community Relations
  • Development
  • Elections
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Systems
  • Volunteers & Recruiting

Discussion of chairships. Easy ones taken first:

  • Development – Jo Wyrick
  • Legal – Rebecca Tushnet
  • Financial – Susan Gibel

Query: Is it a problem that some chairs are board members and some not?

Query: can/should we find/appoint subchairs to these board-headed committees to broaden slate of participation? How should chairs be appointed? Answer: there should be nominations, and then the board should vote. Similarly, later committee chairs will need to get their committee slate approved by the board.

Discussion then turned to the remaining committees in alphabetical order.

[staff discussion redacted]

Resolution: Remaining committees tabled to next week’s meeting.

Agenda Item #5: Next meeting?

Resolution: Next meeting, Wed, July 11 at 10PM eastern, 10 AM Australia time.

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