Board Meeting Minutes: June 22, 2007

JUNE 22, 2007

REDACTED 1/29/12


PRESENT: Novik, Tushnet, Gibel, Cupitt, Tepper, Coppa


  • meeting and saying hi
  • deciding how we will communicate going forward (please check out as one proposed set of communication tools)
  • assign a point person for each of the rest of the agenda items. We will then briefly discuss each item (if you can collect your thoughts beforehand and even write some of them up, that will help keep the chat moving quick), and each point person will then draft an e-mail on the topic, sending it to everyone, so we can discuss via e-mail and at the next meeting.
  • drafting a mission statement
  • picking the name of the organization
  • working out the list of committees
  • picking committee chairs
    • whether to assign other members to committees or let chairs make list
  • working out a game plan for incorporation
  • agenda for next meeting


Agenda Item #1: Communication and Meeting Structure

Novik called the meeting to order: first order of business, how to order the discussion.

Resolved: to go around in alphabetical order

Discussion of in what medium to have future meetings. Suggestions include Yahoogroup lists, Campfire, Gizmo/Skype computer phone calls. LJ talk considered a pain for lack of logging. GoogleTalk, while having a voice interface, has similar lack of logging.

Discussion of system and personal requirements.

Resolved: Tepper will summarize and consider options; next meeting to be held via Campfire.

Agenda Item #2: Mission Statement:

We need to distinguish between a “vision” statement (“a statement of a *preferred* future, a statement of an ideal future. It should be lofty, compelling, and may in fact not be attainable but rather an ideal toward which the team can strive. So for example, a vision statement might be something like “We envision a future in which all fannish creations are accepted as legal and transformative and chocolate is free.”) and a “mission” statement (i.e. “a statement of what the team will do in service of the vision. “) Also: “Goals a re in service of the mission; objectives are in service of the goals, etc. I think our strategic plan–when we get to that phase–should be built along these lines.”

Gibel volunteers to be point person on the vision statement.

Board members brainstorm. (Summary below; see full log for details.)

This is a big picture endeavor.

We want:

  • to transform the way fannish endeavors are viewed and see fannish identity preserved.
  • to see fannish creations accepted as legal, and respected as legitimate art
  • to be able to easily find fannish creations that interest me and keep track of them
  • to see the history of fandom and fannish identity preserved
  • to have a central repository for fannish works
  • to protect work from commercial exploitation and preserve the “fannish economy”
  • to see the work made more accessible to those shut out: disabled, poor, technophobic, languages other than English etc
  • to facilitate cross-pollination of fannish ideas and cultures without trying to homogenize or centralize fandom
  • to keep up with technological developments in fandom/distribution

Do we want to distinguish umbrella group from archive project? Also, is the top level group is about fiction only or also vids and art. Twofold mission: advocating change re: transformative use and preservation of the fannish past.

We want legalization, celebration of female-centred art, preservation of fan works, meta, history. A gateway for new fans, a center for older fans. We want a “bank”, i.e. first a repository of expertise and legal protection, and later as a way of helping fan projects get off the ground with small, repayable seed funds. A chartiable arm which raises funds for computers in remote areas, other access causes.

The organization should have a broader remit than the archive; suggest name: “Center for Transformative Culture.” We should host scholarly conferences and fan cons, be a resource for fans (especially female/feminist fandom) and a spokesperson for fandom without snickering or condescension. “Not just a repository of history, but a generator of identity.”

“We envision a future in which all fannish creations are accepted as legal and transformative” but would add that fannish creations should be generally accepted as a legitimate and normal type of creative activity. And that fandom is a big tent, both in subject matter and in the type of activity that makes you fannish. We value our readers, our writers, our reviewers, our donors, and everyone else.

Resolved: Gibel will integrate this into vision statement.

Agenda Item #3: Incorporation Game Plan

Resolved: Gibel will work out a plan for us to discuss at the next meeting.

Agenda Item #4: Organizing and Appointing Committees

Resolved: Coppa will be point person for committees for next week, and will also be responsible for being in contact with volunteers and reaching out for new ones.

Agenda Item #5: Naming the Organization

Discussion of name. Should “fair use” or “transformative” be in the title? We need .net/.com/.org domains in order to avoid future confusion or embarrassment; Tushnet has already reserved and for us as a precaution. Do we want an acronym, or are they silly? Is Fair Use too generic? Name should be in sync with legal mission. No underscores or weirdness in the name, watch for words with multiple spellings: centre, center, organization/organisation. Suggested: group, order, collective, network, society, coalition. Coalition liked best because it suggests a group of groups, which is a good demonstration of multiplicity in fandom. Coalition for Transformative Culture has a nice acronym for logos: CTC

Specific suggestions:

  • Organization for Transformative Works
  • Center for Transformative Works
  • FAIRUSE – Fandom Art Is Really Um Something Else
  • Organization for Transformative Fiction
  • Fannish Arts Network/Fandom Arts Network
  • Centre for Transformative Culture

Resolved: Cupitt to summarize discussion, which seems to have moved strongly in the direction of the CTC: Coalition for Transformative Culture.

New Business: Budget

Proposal to begin working on the budget. But the budget will depend on technology, which will depend on systems committee that doesn’t yet exist. We need an estimate that “is accurate enough to get us tax exempt status and incorporation”: “we’ll need to forecast three years for various filings.”

Resolved: Issue put on the agenda for next meeting.

New Business: Keeping Fandom Informed

Some discussion of what to tell fandom. Agreed that board and committees should be announced together. Coppa volunteers to contact existing volunteers to create buzz and also to post to LJ to say, we’ve contacted you, but please contact us if you haven’t heard from us or haven’t yet volunteered and want to. How to avoid wank/cabal?

Resolved: Coppa will do quick mass email and LJ post to follow.

Agenda Item # 6: Next meeting’s agenda.

Resolved: Best times: 10 PM Eastern / 10 AM Australia.


  • revisit vision and name, ideally have vote to make final decision
  • review incorporation draft
  • committees
    • starting with, are we happy with our list of committees
    • then moving to how we will staff
    • then to actual staffing

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