Board Meeting Minutes: 14 June 2014


June 14, 2014, 18:00 UTC

PRESENT: Anna Genoese, Andrea, Eylul Dogruel, Cat, sanders

GUESTS:  Alison Watson, Ania Kopertowska, Arithanas, Carli, Charlotte history~, Claudia Rebaza, DandalfTheWhite ~, Elliot Oberholtzer, Elz, Eve Forbes, Hana Lee, Jenn Calaelen, Jess C., Katarina Harju, Lady Oscar, Lindsey Blythe, Michelle Dong, Monica G, Niko Thompson, Ozzie Olin, Priscilla Del Cima, Rebecca Tushnet, Ridicully, Sam Johnsson, Tianrui Li, Tiyire, Trey C, Waywren Truesong, White Hawk, abluegirl, briar_pipe, deedidoo, hele, matty, rebecca, very

ABSENT: Andrea


1. New Translation staffer 
2. Funds to send a staffer to Ada Camp 
3. Funds to send a staffer to a conference 


1. Finance update


   7-Jun  14-Jun  Change
BoA 153009.24 150751.22 (2258.02)
PayPal 6113.71 6989.36 875.65
CD 10134.51 10134.51 0
Total 169,257.46 167,875.09   (1382.37)
  • hosting was 2114 of the 2258 change. 
  • Premium shipping and Campfire make up the rest of the difference. 
  • Paypal has a gain of 875.65, and the CD hasn't change
  • Draft budget is with chairs for review

2. Discussion of Board office hours. Non-directors were invited to speak. Topics included:

  • Directors are reading each other's transcripts
  • Directors are summarizing their own sessions on the mailing list afterward
  • People participating (directors included) should be more conscious of the time they are taking up with each subject
  • Directors confirmed that transcripts of office hours are not meant to be disseminated to the public at large or archived for public viewing
  • Conversations that come up repeatedly are important to staffers
  • If 11 hours of chat access are not enough for people who want to communicate with Board, they should email 
  • Chairs, staff, and volunteers are encouraged to discuss things without Board "oversight"/"moderation" and come up with their own ideas, proposals, etc.; they are welcome to loop in Board or their liaisons if they want, but Board encourages them to go cross-committee first



1. Board discussed how to prioritize the agenda for Open Board so more things can be discussed

2. Board discussed how to optimize Open Board for the attendees

3. Board discussed how to optimize office hours

4. Board discussed elections philisophically

5. Board discussed chairs using performance improvement plans to help staffers improve their performance instead of COC/CCAP warnings moving toward dismissal


MInutes approved by the Board 28 June 2014.

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