Board Resignations and Appointments for 2013

The OTW Board is both saddened and pleased to announce a pair of resignations from and appointments to the Board for the 2013 term.

Board members Francesca Coppa and Naomi Novik have resigned as of the end of the 2012 term on December 15 due to the volume of their commitments. Coppa, a Board member since the OTW’s founding, is accepting a visiting professorship at the University of Pennsylvania in the spring and has resigned all of her OTW positions. Novik, a founder and past president of the OTW Board, will continue in her other OTW positions while devoting more time to new and ongoing book projects.

The Board has appointed Cat Meier and Maia Bobrowicz to fill these seats. Cat Meier, an American living in Canada, has been in online fandom since 1999 and has served on the OTW’s Finance committee since its founding; she is currently its co-chair. Maia Bobrowicz, a West Australian, has been involved with the OTW in a number of capacities since 2008, most notably as Chair of AD&T in 2009.

The Board is excited to work with Cat and Maia, and extends heartfelt thanks to Francesca and Naomi for their years of service and for their contributions to the OTW since its beginnings.


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