Board Roadmap 2017

WARNING: This page is a work in progress. Information contained within is still under discussion and may be modified as part of a final review.

Roadmap 2017

End of 2016

* Close Fan Video & Multimedia, Internationalization & Outreach and Systems Training; move Content Policy as a subcommittee under Legal.



* Publish 2017 budget
* Hold full round of check-in chats with all committees’ chairs
* Strategic Plan goal: work with chairs to document org-wide expectations for chairs and leads
* Strategic Plan goal: draft Board purview statement
* Document general Board position descriptions
* Document officer roles (including explanation for non-director officers)
* Document process for Board onboarding/removal
* Adopt tool for secure document management, add files to shared folder, and document it


* Ensure the org’s federal taxes are filed by the deadline.
* Hold full round of check-in chats with all committees’ chairs
* Adopt Board position structure with actual roles
* Document process for discussion/votes
* Document guidelines for helping struggling committees (from chair check-in chats to Board members as acting chairs)
* Document guidelines for non-financial conflict of interest (with regards to committees, personnel, etc.)
* Start creating Board training including:
** Non-profit 101
** Links to OTW history and structure 101
** Board duties and responsibilities 101
** Essential org-wide legal and financial obligations Board should ensure are met
** Info on essential org procedures that ensure it keeps running (e.g. servers, mail, bank cards, taxes, donations, insurance)
** Summarised list of ongoing issues and liabilities (to be updated annually, before new members join)
** What board is/isn’t meant to do (board purview vs. committee purview)


* Elections!
* Hold full round of check-in chats with all committees’ chairs (after new members join)
* Document guidelines for what exactly requires a proposal to Board currently
* Create basic training page for Board secretary
* Create basic training page for Board treasurer


* Hold full round of check-in chats with all committees’ chairs
* Send out end-of-year survey for all volunteers to get a sense of how org goals and Board work are perceived throughout the org, and identify improvement areas
* Create basic training page for Board president
* Create basic training page for Board chair

Long term goals/non-time sensitive talking points

* Better communication about board decisions, via or something else
** anonymous feedback form internally/outward on
* How to improve meetings – different tool, different schedule, format?
* Create structure/guidelines for contractors
* Create timeline for paid staff
* Rediscuss staff/volunteers divide (+ Board approving staff)
* Review bylaws: outdated officer descriptions; board recall vote and how it could work in practice; any way to give volunteers more voice in the elections?
* How to get us to a place where we can start applying for grants
* Work with Elections in helping more people run for Board