Board of Directors

The Organization for Transformative Works is run for fans by fans. The OTW’s Directors are all active in fandom, as are the hundreds of other people serving on committees and working as volunteers.

Public Board meetings take place on Discord roughly every three months. The exact dates can be found on the Board meeting calendar.

All meeting minutes are published here on this site.


Board of Directors

Kari Dayton (she/her) first found fandom at a very young age via Sailor Moon, but it would be several more years until she found fanfic in the Harry Potter fandom. (She strongly believes in Trans Rights and loves the work that has been done to distance the amazing HP fandom from the hateful vitriol the creator espouses.) Although many plot bunnies live in her head, she hasn’t written much fanfic and prefers to work behind the scenes as a Tag Wrangler, a committee she joined in 2018. She is an active Tag Wrangler Supervisor (since 2019), and enjoys helping with admin work and brainstorming ways to make Wranglers’ lives easier.
During the day, she works in tech for a VoIP company, and is the main internal trainer and technical lead for her department. Her day job includes writing and updating documentation, being a resource for coworkers in her department and related departments, answering questions (via chat and email), and training new hires. She is known at her company for helping departments cooperate, facilitating communication between departments, being the person who knows things, and in general thinks information silos are a disservice to all. She’d be happy to train you on any task you’d like to know more about – just ask!

Antonius Melisse (President) is a person from the Netherlands who strongly believes that one should never stop learning new things. He has gotten certifications, at university and otherwise, in English Language & Literature, Journalism, two methods of software testing (ISTQB and TMAP Next) and PHP development. At the moment he is working as a Symfony back-end developer.
As for past management experience, he has been a board member for a musical-theatre group he was part of (singing as a bass), and has had a management job where he was in charge of students searching for jobs for the summer.
He got introduced to fandom by some long-time friends he made while playing World of Warcraft. Together they wrote fics and original stories on the forums for their guild. When one of the friends mentioned they’d been translating for the OTW for a while and there was an opening in the Dutch language team, he jumped on the opportunity and has been a part of the Translation committee since February 2016. In the past he has also volunteered for the Policy & Abuse Committee.
Currently, he does a bit of podfic every so often, usually for The Witcher, but he appreciates most fantasy and sci-fi fandoms.

Rebecca Sentance has been in fandom for around fifteen years, starting on Quizilla where she would read second-person fanfics in fandoms like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragonball Z. However, her first ever fanwork was an Enid Blyton fanfiction that she wrote at the age of five – long before she ever dreamed there might be whole communities of people publishing and reading these works online. She discovered AO3 in 2011 and slowly began to learn about the organisation behind it and its many other projects, which led to her delving into fandom history and fan academia, and learning about the vital importance of preserving and defending fanworks of all kinds. While she was eager to be a part of the OTW, she didn’t manage to catch an open recruitment round until mid-2015, shortly after finishing her postgrad studies, when she saw a posting for AO3 Documentation staff – the perfect fit for someone who loves all things to do with words. She later found her way onto the Transformative Works and Cultures and Fanlore committees, and now devotes a significant portion of her time to being part of this amazing community of fans. When not volunteering with the OTW, she can be found lurking in various parts of Marvel fandom and procrastinating on her latest fic.

E. Anna Szegedi discovered fandom years before she even knew what the word meant. She wrote her first fanfic (for Heroes of Might and Magic III) in pencil on printer paper at age eight. Her first venture into online fandom was through a small forum dedicated to Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus trilogy, which was also where she published her first multi-chapter fanfiction. Discovering English forums and fansites motivated her to learn English, and reading (and writing) fanfiction in English fueled her love for languages.
She joined the OTW Translation committee in 2017. As an avid user of AO3, Anna was excited to help make the OTW’s projects more accessible to those who didn’t speak English. Later, she became a volunteer manager for the committee, working to train and support Translation volunteers in their tasks.
Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Philology and a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation. She works in the administration department of a university, being responsible for handling admissions and day-to-day support for international students.

Alex Tischer (Secretary) works as an ECC veterinarian, currently in the UK; Has been in fandom since before the millennium and has migrated through more fandoms than can be listed here. Has been a member of the OTW since its founding and volunteered for just as long. Apart from media fandom has also somehow ended up in the weird and wonderful world of sports – which are very niche groups that resemble fandoms in surprising ways. When not dealing with sick pets, Alex can be found doing assault courses, climbing and trail running nearly as often as consuming media.

Jess White is an avid consumer of all things fandom, and has been since she discovered her aunt’s Kirk/Spock zines in the early 90s. She then graduated to scribbling her own fanfic in notebooks with sparkly pens, then eventually creating content on message boards, individual fandom forums, livejournal, and eventually AO3. Jess has volunteered in the OTW for the past six years, predominantly in the Policy & Abuse Committee. She has also worked briefly in Support (for about two years) and is currently also volunteering with Fanlore as a Policy and Admin staffer. Outside of fandom, Jess has been a teacher for fifteen years.

Kirsten Wright is a member of the OTW Communications team. She first joined in 2014 at the recommendation of a former professor. She currently moderates the OTW Facebook page, as well as the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth accounts. She previously moderated the OTW Twitter account, and both the Fanlore Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Kirsten first found organized fandom as a young teenager, and never looked back. At various points, fandom has served as a teacher and friend, and is ultimately how she discovered her career in United States political campaigns. She’s a notorious fandom hopper, but has written the most for The Social Network. Her favorite genre of fic is slice of life. She has definitely opened more than one 200k fanfic after midnight during the work week.

Non-Director officers

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