Board Candidate Chat Two Follow-Up Questions: Second Set

We’ve passed our second 24 hour response period for our chat overflow questions, and have another batch of insightful questions and thoughtful answers from our candidates, posted now for your review. You can read those questions and answers here, on the OTW Elections website. Answers are listed in the order they were received, and any responses that are received after the deadline will be added to that page as soon as possible, with any post-publication changes noted.

To reiterate, these questions are being delivered in batches to the candidates, and they are being asked to submit answers within twenty-four hours of each email so that those responses can be publicly posted. The emphasis in these responses is on immediate answers rather than polished essays, and as previously, candidates were also asked to keep to the question topics.

The third batch of questions was sent to candidates at 01:15/1:15am UTC 29 October 2011; answers are due before 01:15/1:15am UTC 30 October 2011, and will be posted for public review in approximately 24 hours.


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