Bay Area fans: Join us for a Meetup of Our Own!

The OTW is hosting a meetup on Sunday, November 3, in Berkeley, California. Please join us for a casual backyard party with fellow fans, OTW supporters, and the OTW Board of Directors!

The meetup will be held November 3 from 3:30-7:00 p.m. PST at 2631 Fulton Street in Berkeley (here’s a map). The house is adjacent to multiple AC Transit lines and is roughly equidistant from Ashby and Downtown Berkeley BART. Daylight Saving Time ends the night before, so don’t forget to set your clocks back!

Snacks and soft drinks will be provided, and you’re welcome to bring your own beverage if you like. This will be an outdoor party, so please dress comfortably for the weather.

We will be accepting donations at the event. The suggested donation is $10, and we’ll be able to accept cash, checks, and credit cards at the event.

If you’re planning to attend, you can RSVP at this link or just stop by. We look forward to seeing you!

  1. OTW Member commented:

    Just curious if an election is going to happen this year? The OTW bylaws require that at least two directors are elected annually but there’s been no information in any OTW news outlet regarding this year’s election. They usually take place in October, so I’m personally a bit surprised that nothing’s been said and I know at least a few other members have been asking questions about this and are concerned about whether the current board is meeting its responsibility in this regard.

    • Eylul Dogruel commented:

      Thank you for asking this question and first of all I apologize for the radio silence. The election procedure has been moving internally. The letter to eligible candidates went off in early September. Our initial plan was to announce around mid-October either candidates for a contested election or incoming board members. However, there were no candidates who came forward during either the first or second deadline for declaration of candidacy. While we anticipated a scarcity of candidates, we expected that there would still be some candidates. Thus, we are currently in the process of deciding on how to proceed, whether there should be a third extension of candidacy deadline, appointment, or another solution. We will have a more detailed post on the topic within the next few weeks.

      Eylul Dogruel
      Elections Officer, OTW Board

  2. MD commented:

    Any info on accessibility? I know this is a private residence but info is always appreciated. Also, are there alternative plans in the event it rains?

  3. Andrea H. commented:

    The party will be held outdoors rain or shine. The backyard is not very wheelchair accessible, unfortunately; it’s possible if the driveway isn’t in use, but the driveway is controlled by another tenant.

  4. Stewardess commented:

    Is the donation requested for the OTW, for the event expenses, or both? Is there shade from the sun? Thanks for your help.

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      I have forwarded your question on to the board, but as they are all at the site now I don’t know if I’ll receive a reply before the event begins.

      The donation would be for both.

    • Andrea H. commented:

      Yes, there is plenty of shade from the sun. It’s in a backyard.