International Fanworks Day

Today is International Fanworks Day 2016

As we mentioned last month, the OTW will be hosting events for International Fanworks Day again this year across all timezones.

  1. Feedback Fest: Everyone who creates and shares fanworks loves hearing from the people who enjoyed it, so we’re hosting a Feedback Fest to celebrate the works that we love. Participate by leaving a comment to our Feedback Fest post with either your recs, or a link to your post elsewhere with your recs (use the #IFDFest tag!). Share what you love about fanworks while encouraging others to leave feedback, too. You may even win a gift.
  2. Short fanworks challenge: Get out your tablet, your laptop, or your phone and create a short fanwork on the following topic:What does your favorite character—or your favorite pairing—get fannish over? For example:
    • What happens when Hetalia’s Axis Powers and Allied Forces compete in League of Legends?
    • Has Kermit the Frog ever cosplayed as Yoda?
    • What happens when the Avengers take a break from civil war and instead take an afternoon to fan squee over Hamilton?

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