Australian Censorship Filter Unlikely To Be Implemented

I’m Helka, a member of OTW’s International Outreach (IO) committee. In an effort to bring more international news to our members, the OTW has asked IO to work with the Communications team. The following story was written by IO member Tanaqui.

A scheme for mandatory ISP-level censorship in Australia looks unlikely to succeed, despite the Labor government promoting the proposal having retained power in Australia’s recent parliamentary elections. The filter, proposed by Labor before the elections, would have likely prevented Australians from accessing most R-18+ content, including fanworks hosted outside Australia on archives such as an Archive of Our Own (AO3).

Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA), which campaigns to protect and promote the civil liberties of computer users, launched a campaign against the filter, the unfortunately-named It’s Time to Tell Mum (which came under fire for sexist content). However, the EFA now believes that this filter legislation would not be passed in the House of Representatives, let alone make it through a hostile Senate because the new government could not muster enough support for the filter among the Greens and independents who make up its partners.

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