August 2016 Newsletter, Volume 105


Elections: It’s the final stretch! The Election is so close we can taste it! As it approaches, you may have some questions. Well buddy, we’ve got some answers! The Elections Committee website has seen the relaunch of our FAQ – back and more informative than ever. And from our lovely candidates come their Q&As, all answered, posted, and available for public viewing.

At this point in time the Membership deadline has passed. Anyone who became a member between August 24, 2015 and August 23, 2016, inclusive of both dates will be eligible to vote in the 2016 Election.

Voting instructions are up for this year. We will be sending out an email linking to the voting instructions within the next week. We will post to the website once that has been sent; please watch for that post. Also, we’ll be removing addresses that bounce, opt out, or mark that email as spam from our voter rolls, so those addresses will not be sent a ballot this year. Make sure you have whitelisted emails from and to ensure you can receive a ballot this year!

The next candidate chat will be on September 10 from 22:00 UTC to 23:30 UTC. The format and platform have changed! We’ve talked a little more in depth about that at our shiny new Elections Tumblr account. For more updates, follow us there! Did we mention how shiny and new it is? We’re quite proud.

It’s not just the Elections committee that’s busy; this month, Communications collaborated with Development and Membership on a mini voter drive ahead of the elections.


This month Board approved staff and chairs for a number of committees, premiums for the mini drive and the next membership drive and an emergency purchase for Systems. Board also dealt with some issues with the election timeline and a couple of external requests.

Finance has been contacting all committees to prepare an updated version of the organization’s 2016 budget.

Strategic Planning has been hard at work including the newly formed Financial Committee in the current draft of the Plan. This involved meetings, emails, more meetings, and making new friends!


Abuse received about 400 tickets this past month.

Open Doors announced the upcoming import for two Harry Potter archives, HP Fandom and The Hex Files, worked on the announcement and import preparation for 4 other archives, and assisted with importing works on several other archives in progress.

AO3 Documentation has uploaded an updated Bookmarks FAQ and have several more on the go as usual.

Tag Wrangling helped Open Doors with 2 last-minute requests for tag mapping assistance, completed an interview request for a PhD Student, and restarted the AO3 Wrangling Project, in which wranglers clean up neglected small fandoms.


In the next couple of months the Abuse, AO3 Documentation and Communications committees will be recruiting new volunteers. Stay tuned for announcements from these committees, and if you’re interested in participating in the day-to-day running of the Organization and its many projects, make sure you apply!

In September Communications will be celebrating Open Doors as part of OTW’s 9th anniversary celebration. This will include a panel discussion with 3 librarians who work with fannish collections on September 18 from 17:00-19:00 UTC in the Public Discussion chat room. Please note the event may interfere with other meetings planned on Campfire at the same time.


Accessibility, Design & Technology deployed nine releases in August. Most of these were behind the scenes, but they also tackled a few issues relating to buttons, emails, URLs, and drives, and last but certainly not least, upgraded the version of Ruby!

New Webs staffers have finished training and are making great headway on their tasks. With the extra help, Webs has significantly cut down their response time for feature requests and bug reports. They have also implemented an on-call rotation, which (hopefully) will help reduce response time even more, and ensure that site updates can be run as soon as they are released.

This month, Systems is working with Open Doors to get archives moved over.


Legal: In July, Legal welcomed five new committee members! A warm welcome to Rebecca Katz, Elizabeth Townsend Gard, Stacey Lantagne, Ona Lu, and Nemopedia.

Highlights of this month’s tasks included recruiting for the newly reformed Finance Committee.

As of the 28th of August, the OTW has 594 volunteers. Recent personnel movements are listed below.

New Committee Chairs: Sammie Louise (AO3 Docs)
New Committee Staff:thegirlwiththemouseyhair (Legal), etownsendgard (Legal) and 1 other Legal staffer, 1 Translation staffer
New Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Captured_in_LSpace, Amy Shepard, coaldustcanary, Issay, Chiral, libraryphiliac, Hòa, Lana Garcia, shanmacca71, Suna Zekioglu, NarwhalsAreUnicornsToo, Lance, ugami, erinaconyx, Nrandom, Kate1098, Sweety_Mutant, flawsinthevoodoo, APgeeksout, Yoru, SnarkyLlama, Rosa V, Redner, lucylivesherlife, halfhuman2214, noiselesspatientspider, Kyaerie, Cerch, vulcan, zopponde, blondcockerel, thumbsplitter, momma2bugandbean, Shaeleigh, Sybylla, Aaron_Harris, Méme, CaptainXeno, django32, hurricanesmiles
New Translator Volunteers: Günay

Departing Committee Chairs: hele braustein (AO3 Docs)
Departing Committee Staff: Nerine Luna Cyran (Tag Wrangling, Abuse), Katrina Hueniken (Volcom), Nikki D (Abuse), Jeniouis (Webs) 1 Finance Staffer
Departing Communications Volunteers: Sidhrat
Departing Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Sashataakheru, Caitlin, Jesse, Estirose and 4 others
Departing Translator Volunteers: Allons-y, rocksoundc, Nerine Luna Cyran, firebreathing, Rana Kamal, 5 others

A particular shout-out to our new tag wranglers. The committee reports that the new wranglers are doing an awesome job with training- 32 wranglers have already been granted wrangling permissions!


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