August 2011 Newsletter, Volume 52

Archive of Our Own

The Support committee has been busy, busy, busy! On average, we receive around 30-40 support tickets per week. About half are bug reports; the other half are feature requests, plus random bits of squee and occasional questions. Probably our most reported issue is still the 1,000-work limit, which is understandable — of course users want to read ALL the things on AO3 (coders are working on a solution)! :D We’ve also been updating the Archive FAQs and have added a new one on Kudos. Support can always use more help; if you or someone you know is interested in joining the team, please contact Volunteers & Recruiting.

The Content Policy committee is about to seek comment on a draft image policy. Expect it soon!

The Accessibility, Design, & Technology committee (AD&T) is gearing up for a big code update. They’re currently testing some performance fixes and hope to release those soon — we’re hoping these will help tackle the recent site slowdowns. We know lots of people have been encountering the sadface 502 page on the Archive lately — thanks for your patience while we make these improvements! If you’d like more details on the latest technical developments on the AO3, check out the posts on the August 7 and August 21 AD&T meetings.

Volunteers & Recruiting (VolCom) has been working with various committees to offer monthly training sessions. This month Jenny S-T, training lead for AD&T, led a session on coding for AO3, challenge code, and challenge moderation. Transcripts of the coding training and of last month’s testing training are now available.

Around the OTW

The Organization for Transformative Works is now listed as a company on professional social network LinkedIn. Staffers and volunteers who wish to do so can list their work with the OTW on their LinkedIn profiles. (Note: Listing the OTW on your LinkedIn profile will not link your legal identity with the name you use to volunteer within the OTW [unless you volunteer under the same name], and you can list it on your profile regardless of whether you volunteer under a pseudonym or your legal name.)

The Journal committee is in the middle of production for the next issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, to be released on September 15. The Webmasters and Systems committees have outfitted the TWC site with a security upgrade and new anti-spam measures.

Finally, a warm welcome to our newest staffers: Claudia Rebaza and Kitsunegari in Communications, megcwalsh in Finance, and Yshyn in Support.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or suggestions.


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