Attention Vidders and Other Fannish Remix Artists

American University‚Äôs Center for Social Media and AU’s Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property, in collaboration with Stanford Law School’s Fair Use Project, have launched a new video explaining how online video creators can make remixes, mashups, and other common online video genres with the knowledge that they are staying within copyright law.

The video, titled Remix Culture: Fair Use Is Your Friend, explains the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video (which was worked on by OTW’s very own Rebecca Tushnet). Like the code, the video identifies various kinds of unlicensed uses of copyrighted material that may be considered fair, under certain limitations. Of particular interest to vidders and fannish remix artists might be: “commenting or critiquing of copyrighted material”, “use for illustration or example”, “use to launch a discussion”, and “recombining to make a new work, such as a mashup or a remix, whose elements depend on relationships between existing works.”

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  1. Law School Diversity commented:

    Great information and resource for artists.