Archive of Our Own: Scheduled downtime for server upgrade

As we may have mentioned a time or two, we’re lucky enough to have been able to purchase some shiny new servers for the Archive! You can read all about them at our new server announcement post! This is great news for all our users, as it means more power and more possibilities in future.

In order to move over to the new servers and perform associated maintenance and code changes, we will have 3 periods of downtime:

We will send out an update on our Archive status Twitter account AO3_status before we take the site down, and again when we go back up again.

We know that many of you will miss us while we’re gone! To fill the time, we hope you’ll join in our Server Naming Festival! We’ll be posting more details of this on the OTW news blog at very soon.

Thanks for your patience while we perform these exciting upgrades to our system!


AD&T and everyone at the OTW!

Archive of Our Own
  1. thecookieomma commented:

    Hooray for new servers!!! Congrats, folks!