Archive of Our Own Newsletter – March/April 2013

March and April were busy busy busy months for the Archive. Our output included, among other things, a new header, an updated roadmap, and our annual April Showers promotion, a joint effort between Fanlore and the AO3 to highlight the fandoms you love!

All the Archive news that’s fit to print!

As part of the continuing discussion about the OTW’s decision to include meta, or fandom nonfiction, on the Archive, the OTW’s Board released a statement. This statement outlined the history of the decision as well as the Board’s reasons for including fandom nonfiction on the Archive. Another post, which was the culmination of a discussion between several committees, further clarified the position of the Archive’s thoughts on fandom nonfiction and tentatively outlined the steps that would be necessary in introducing fandom nonfiction into the Archive.

The OTW Board released an updated Archive Roadmap. The Roadmap outlines future improvements and changes of the Archive. It is maintained by the Accessibility, Design & Technology committee, though it was created with the input of several other committees including Abuse, Internationalization & Outreach, Open Doors, Support, Systems, Tag Wranglers, and Translation. If you’re interested in the future of the Archive, go check it out!

Although the event was not run by Archive committees (big props to the Development & Membership committee for all their hard work!), AO3 was happy to host a banner for the OTW’s annual April Membership Drive as well as contributing a post sharing how much it costs to run the Archive. This year’s drive was the most successful drive in OTW history. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Release 0.9.6 went live and what a release it was! It presented us with, most notably, a new header and new notification emails. Other new features included the ability to disable guest comments, and a new and improved front page. This release fixed several bugs, updated Tag Wrangling and Admin features, and gave us several other goodies. Unfortunately, this release also presented some unanticipated problems for several users. Our known issues posts describes these issues and we encourage any users who are encountering problems with Release 0.9.6 to look at the above post or contact Support.

Fanlore and AO3 ran their annual April Showers promotion, showcasing fandoms on AO3 and on Fanlore. The Archive’s tumblr ao3org with the Fanlore twitter highlighted a fandom a day for the month of April.

Adventures with Support

In the months of March and April so far, we’ve managed 798 unique tickets so far – and we still have a couple days to go!

AD&T Committee business of note

In addition to releases, we’ve been working on documentation to start recruitment for selected positions soon.

Support Committee business of note

We will be holding another Open Chat session with the Support Staff in our public chat room (the link will be made available on the day of the chat) this coming Saturday, May 04, 2013 at 16:00:00 UTC lasting through this Sunday, May 05, 2013 at 04:00:00 UTC. Members of Support will be available to interact with users one-on-one in live chat. See what time that is where you live. (Real Life Monsters ate the April chat.)

Tag Wrangling Committee business of note

Tag Wrangling opened for volunteers and had such an overwhelming response that we had to hit the pause button long enough to catch up! We’ve now inducted the over 50 (\o/) new volunteers, and should be re-opening recruitment soon. In concert with that, staff have been hard at work putting together a comprehensive training plan; our basic tutorials are already completed and in use, and more advanced instruction is on the way. Meanwhile our new wranglers have enthusiastically been helping all our experienced hands in cleaning up tags in fandoms across the Archive; we’re looking in better shape than ever!

And finally…

We are floored by the generosity of the participants in AO3 Auction. From the bottom of our squeeing hearts: THANK YOU!

Questions? Comments?

We welcome feedback from users! If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments of the latest news post, or send in a Support request (if you’re reporting a bug, please send that to Support, as they’re super efficient – comments on our news posts sometimes get overlooked).

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