April Showers of Fannish History!

Here at the OTW, preserving fannish history is a central part of our mission! We’re proud to be able to offer fans a place to host their works on the Archive of Our Own, and tell their own fannish histories on Fanlore. As of March 4, 2012, Fanlore has 18,481 articles which have undergone 351,020 edits by 6,151 registered users, while the Archive of Our Own recently passed 40,000 users, and more than 332,300 works have been posted on the AO3, across over 8,800 fandoms!

We’re really pleased and proud to see so much fannish representation. However, we know that there are many, many wonderful fanworks out in the world which haven’t found their way to the AO3 – for example Portal and the Alien movies have only 85 fanworks apiece on the AO3! There are even more fannish stories left untold on Fanlore – we’d love to see the fannish activity over The Hunger Games documented as it unfolds! Last year, we welcomed in lots more edits to Fanlore and works to the AO3 with our April Showers promotion. This year, we’re hoping to do the same! This month, bring us fannish April showers by digging out those old zines, memories of past cons, archived personal webpages, tales of shipwars and fannish events, works on slowly-decaying archives, and more! Upload your old works to the AO3 and tell your tales on Fanlore.

We’ll be highlighting a different fandom for each day of the month on our Twitter @ao3org, to help jog your memories about fannish loves of the past. When uploading to the AO3, you can tag your uploaded works April Showers 2012 – at the end of the month we’ll round up all the works with this tag and post stats on how many were uploaded for each fandom. However, don’t feel you have to stick to these fandoms – we hope people will reach into their personal fannish histories to preserve what’s important to them!

To help you out, we’ll also be hosting an importing party on the AO3. From Saturday 14th April, 17.00 UTC to Sunday 15th April, 02.00 UTC (see the time in your timezone), we invite you to join us in a live chat where our staff will answer questions about creating accounts, uploading, tags and more, provide a few invitations for those who need them, and celebrate as new works are uploaded! Stay tuned for more details on this nearer to the time. You should also keep your eyes peeled for news on Fanlore editing parties, where Fanlore staff will walk you through the process of creating and editing pages – no contribution too small!

We kick off today by celebrating adventures on the high seas with the Pirates of the Caribbean! Ghost pirates, rise again – sail your works into safe harbor at the AO3, and tell your seadog tales at Fanlore!

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