April Showers Challenge – shower us with your fannish history!

Happy April! Thanks to everyone who made our March happy with donations to the OTW! We hope we’ll have an equally happy April with our April showers challenge!

Here at the Archive of Our Own we love seeing the numbers of works and fandoms grow! Since we entered Open Beta in November 2009 we’ve added 7567 fandoms and 148,092 works – we love being able to come to the AO3 for a quick fix of all sorts of fannish love! However, there’s a whole host of fannish deliciousness which hasn’t found a home here yet. There are tons of wonderful Sailor Moon fanworks out there, but only 174 Sailor Moon works on the AO3. The X-Files had a thriving fannish community on Usenet back in the day, but only 1088 X-Files works have made it over to the AO3. Figure skating RPF has a lively presence on Livejournal and elsewhere, but there are only 288 Figure Skating RPF works to be found on the AO3. We love the way fandom has found a home in all sorts of places – each fannish community has its own culture and its own hangouts – but we also want to help ensure that all that fannish awesome doesn’t disappear when sites go down.

This is where our April showers promotion comes in! For the month of April, we hope you’ll shower the Archive with your old works! If you have works sitting on a harddrive, buried in your old emails, tucked away in a box of zines in your basement, or filed away on your Livejournal, now is the time to upload. You can use our handy import feature to grab them easily from elsewhere on the web (many thanks to coder Rebecca who recently spiffed up the importer to make it work better), backdate them to show when you first wrote them, and use our pseuds feature to post them under your old fannish names (mulder4eva1993, anyone?).

Fandom isn’t just about the fanworks, but about the awesome culture surrounding them! If you’d like to document your fandom in other ways, why not add something to our sister project Fanlore? You could create a profile of an awesome fan from your fandom, add details of the great fandom debates you have seen, give details of the major archives and challenges, or just add in a few characters’ names. Record your history for fans of the future!

We’ll be highlighting a different fandom for importing love every day of April! Follow our Twitter @ao3org to check out the fandom of the day! (You can also add works in fandoms not on our list – the more the merrier!) Tag your uploaded works April Showers Challenge – at the end of the month we’ll round up all the works with this tag and post stats on how many were uploaded for each fandom.

We kick off today with an oldie but goodie – Star Wars! Use the force, fandom!

April showers of fannish love! Bring us your history!

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