April Showers 2014 Roundup

Now that April has left us for another year, we must also leave behind our April Showers fandom celebrations.

But that doesn’t mean that the fun is over! Below, we’ve collected the links to every fandom post we made, along with links to each fandom’s AO3 and Fanlore pages, so you can make sure you didn’t miss any of them. And the April Showers Recs (2014) collection has been filled with recommended works in dozens of fandoms, perfect to browse through while waiting for those May Flowers to appear.

We’d love to thank each and every one of you who reblogged, retweeted, liked, and clicked on any of our tweets or Tumblr posts … but that would take too long and would get in the way of your checking out all the great fandoms listed here!

So, without further ado, here are the celebrated fandoms of April Showers 2014.

Highest clickthroughs from ao3org

Young Wizards – Diane Duane — [AO3] [Fanlore]
Labyrinth — [AO3] [Fanlore]
due south — [AO3] [Fanlore]

Highest clickthroughs from fanlore_news

Rooster Teeth
My Little Pony
Dangan Ronpa

Week One:

  1. Warehouse 13 — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  2. Dangan Ronpa — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  3. Divergent Series – Veronica Roth — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  4. “Get a Mac” Commercials — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  5. Labyrinth — [AO3] [Fanlore]

Week Two:

  1. Transformers: Prime — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  2. Dishonored (Video Game) — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  3. No. 6 – Asano Atsuko — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  4. Rooster Teeth — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  5. My Little Pony — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  6. Pacific Rim — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  7. French Revolution RPF — [AO3] [Fanlore]

Week Three:

  1. Discworld Series – Terry Pratchett — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  2. Hannibal (TV) — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  3. Young Avengers — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  4. Tatort — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  5. Legend of Zelda — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  6. Cornetto Trilogy — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  7. Nancy Drew – Carolyn Keene — [AO3] [Fanlore]

Week Four:

  1. Sandman (Comics) — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  2. due south — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  3. Elder Scrolls — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  4. Arashi (Band) — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  5. Frozen — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  6. Free! — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  7. Young Wizards – Diane Duane — [AO3] [Fanlore]

Week Five:

  1. Bioshock — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  2. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  3. Power Rangers — [AO3] [Fanlore]
  4. Welcome to Night Vale — [AO3] [Fanlore]
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