April Membership Drive: Thank you for your support!

The OTW’s April membership drive has officially concluded, and it was a wild success! Between April 3 and 9, we received 2,054 individual donations totaling US$53,243.99 — numbers that will grow once we’ve had a chance to count the donations sent via postal mail. That’s a nearly 39% increase over the amount raised in the April 2012 drive, which previously held the record for being our most successful drive ever.

Even though the drive is over, the pace of incoming donations has barely slowed down. The total raised during the month of April is US$57,526 and still climbing.

Thank you to all our members, donors, and to everyone who helped spread the word to make this drive such a spectacular success. We’re very grateful for your support. We’d like to extend a special thanks to the 1,266 people who became new OTW members by donating for the first time during this drive — welcome!

We’d also like to thank all the OTW staffers and volunteers who supported the drive by writing and beta reading, posting and tweeting, responding to donor inquiries, designing graphics, sending e-mail blasts, monitoring donation receipts, and myriad other tasks. Thank you for making the drive possible.

Like many other things in fandom, the OTW is a labor of love. It’s thanks to the support and dedication of fans like you that the OTW exists, and it’s your ongoing support that will enable us to continue serving fandom for years to come. On behalf of everyone at the OTW, and on behalf of all the fans who use our projects, thank you.

  1. Vanisheshade commented:

    I am curious; as I asked repetedly for you to take action against the sluts harassing me before, without action on AO3’s part, where do you get off suspending my account? I suggest you reinstate me ASAP, or I will make this tempest in a teapot more of a mess for you than it is worth. I know I told you off–but it peeves me that you haven’t kissed my ass, so here I am. Pucker up, and reinstate me at AO3, of suffer the article already awaiting publication in a few really good blogs.

    • Bookworm51485 commented:

      Oh yeah, I know I’d be jumping to help you 😛

  2. Bookworm51485 commented:

    I would have liked to donate but my principal cut me down to one day a week, so my paycheck is a joke. Maybe next time, circumstances will be better and I’ll have money 😛