April Membership Drive: Final Day!

Today is the final day of the OTW’s April 2013 membership drive, and we’re thrilled to announce that it’s already a record-breaking success!

Since April 3, the first day of the drive, we’ve received more than 1,879 donations totaling more than US$48,508. That blows the record from the April 2012 drive (when we received 1,276 donations totaling US$38,379.50) out of the water.

We’re immensely grateful to everyone who has supported the drive so far. Thank you for sharing testimonials, reblogging and retweeting, and, of course, for your generous donations. This success is thanks to you.

If you haven’t participated in the drive yet, there’s still time to show your support! The drive will continue through the end of the day on April 9 so please donate today to be part of the drive. However, if this time isn’t a good one for you financially, you can also donate throughout the year to keep the OTW and its projects thriving into the future.

Fandom Is Love: Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 3-9

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