April Membership Drive: Fanlore, a Love Story

A quick search for the term “love” on Fanlore brings up nearly 7,000 results. In comparison, the term “write” brings up just under 5,000 results, there are just over 2,000 uses of “vid,” and “art” is mentioned roughly 6,500 times. This seems appropriate, as the heart of fandom is about loving something. We are fans because we pour our passion into something we love, whether it be a band, a video game, or a novel.

In the age of the internet, one great way to say you love something — aside from ‘i <3 u,' that is — is to create a wiki about it. Fanlore, OTW's wiki, is a living record of all things fannish, dynamic and regularly changing. The "stories" that reside on Fanlore are ones told by fans whose love for a genre, work, fandom activity, or moment in fan history led them to create an entry and tell the story in their own words. Fanlore itself is the story beneath the story: it is the fan-run support structure that allows these stories to be stored and accessed by other fans.

The fan community deserves to see our tale told and to have somewhere we can use our own voice to tell the tale. Fanlore provides a place to do so, one cared for and maintained by fans themselves in yet another show of — you guessed it — love.

Help keep Fanlore growing and thriving — please donate today.

Fanlore, Spotlight

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