April 2022 Membership Drive: The Cards are in Your Hands

The Organization for Transformative Works was conceived, designed, and built by fans. We are supported by the volunteer labor of the fans who staff us and we are also supported by the financial generosity of our members. This April, as we launch our biannual membership drive, we want to explain some of the benefits of OTW membership, which is available to those making donations of US$10 or above; and also describe some of the other ways in which we share our appreciation with our donors.

We understand that for many of our visitors, it won’t be possible to donate to the OTW during this drive; and we want to stress that every member of our community is valued, whether your contribution is financial or whether it comes in the form of volunteer hours, creative work, wiki articles, kudos, or comments. You all make the OTW what it is and we are grateful for each and every one of you.

For those who are able to donate, the perks start at just US$10. Each one-time donation of US$10 or above entitles the donor to become a member of the OTW for one year from the date of your donation. OTW members have the right to vote in annual elections for the OTW Board of Directors, the body which oversees the OTW’s activity and strategic direction. The next elections will be held in August this year. You can find out more about the elections process here, at our elections website.

OTW members also receive an exclusive social media icon, which they can use across whichever sites they choose; and we are able to reward long-term donors with exclusive thank-you gifts marking three, five, and ten years of continuous membership. Check out the launch post to find out more about these exclusive premiums.

As always, we also have a variety of thank-you gifts available to those donating to the OTW in specific amounts. This drive, we’re pleased to make two new gifts available: a new sticker set, which you can select with a donation of US$40 or above, and an exclusive playing-card pack. Each card depicts a fannish term of the kind you might see in AO3 tags. We hope that, as well as playing card games with them, you’ll be able to use them to create on-the-spot creative challenges with friends or for yourself. We look forward to seeing what you come up with! The card pack is available to donors giving US$100 or above. More information about this and our other thank-you gifts are available at our donations page.

Illustrated playing cards, each representing a fannish concept: "Everybody Lives, Nobody Dies" is written on the branches of a tree, "Enemies to Lovers" is decorated with swords, the initials of "Work in Progress" are illuminated, and the last card, "Slow Burn", ends on a lit flame. A flipped-over card shows the back illustration, including the AO3 logo.

If that amount isn’t feasible for you, don’t worry. You can use smaller, recurring donations to meet the set amount. Visit our recurring donations page to set up a donation at whatever frequency and price point is doable for you. You’ll receive instructions on how to register for the thank-you gift of your choice in your donation receipt. The gift will be set aside and, once your donations reach the designated level, will be sent out to you.

If you’re in the US, where the OTW is a registered non-profit, you might be able to multiply your donation at no additional cost to yourself with an employer matching scheme! Speak to your HR department to find out whether this is something offered by your workplace.

You can find out more about how previous donations to the OTW have been spent by visiting our budget post. And once again, if you’re able to give, please accept our thanks and click through here to visit our donations page.


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