AO3 server naming festival: nominations post!

ETA: Nominations are now closed. Thanks for your suggestions! Watch this space for the opportunity to vote on the final picks!

Server naming festival! Nominate names for our new servers here!

You can suggest just one name, or you can submit a full set of seven names (maybe with a theme!). Optionally, you can give a short explanation of why the name[s] would fit / where they come from. This would be particularly appreciated if the name is drawn from a less well-known source, particularly if it is a source not in English (we would LOVE some names from sources not in English and our nominations panel will be international, but sources in languages other than English are harder to research).

There are seven machines to be named- please let us know which machine you would like the name to go to. You can see their full details in Meet the Machines – in your entry please use the short names below:

  • DB
  • Rails1
  • Rails2
  • Original1
  • Original2
  • Storage
  • Switch

You can submit names in the following ways:

Nomination format

Nominations should be in the following format:

Name – Machine – Other optional comments / source

For example:

Elsie – DB – She was the best sister in ‘What Katy Did’, and the cleverest!

For more details see our post on the Server naming festival!

Archive of Our Own
  1. rebecca2525 commented:

    Data – DB – From Star Trex Next Generation

    Hal – Storage – From Space Odyssey

    Ada Lovelace – Original1 – The first programmer!

    Henrietta Swan Leavitt – Original2 – A scientist who started her career as a human computer

    Abby Sciuto – Rails1 – Awesome computer geek from NCIS

    Toshiko Sato – Rails2 – Awesome computer geek from Torchwood

    Lt Uhura – Switch – Communications officer from Star Trek TOS

  2. Estirose commented:

    These are all from Yuletide-sized Japanese fandoms (with a bias towards superhero series).

    Philip – DB – From the series “Kamen Rider Double”, a young man who has the ability to look up anything.

    Tsukasa – Rails1 – From “Hana Yori Dango”, a hot-tempered rich teenager who wanted everything to go his way. Fits with his sister Tsubaki.

    Tsubaki – Rails2 – From “Hana Yori Dango”, Tsukasa’s older sister who knew how to make things go her way. Fits with her brother Tsukasa.

    Mutsuki – Original1 – Mutsuki, from “Kamen Rider Blade”, has a name that means “First Month”.

    Shoutarou – Original2 – Shoutarou, from “Kamen Rider Double”, is the lead in the show – though he sometimes gets overshadowed in fandom by his partner, Philip.

    Rihito – Storage – Rihito, the main character’s butler in “Mei-chan no Shitsuji”, is impeccable at serving things and handling everything – as long as you don’t ask him his feelings about his charge!

    Toko – Switch – A young woman in the series “Keitai Sousakan 7” who seems to keep everybody and everything together.

  3. HRT commented:

    Here are some names I like.




  4. groovekittie commented:

    Here’s my submission for the server names! 😀

    Data – DB – From Star Trek TNG (Data, database haha … no? aww)
    Wash – Rails1 – From Firefly/Serenity (See below)
    Zoe – Rails2 – From Firefly/Serenity (It’s WASH AND ZOE … you have to keep them together. :D)
    John – Original1 – From Farscape (See below)
    Aeryn – Original2 – From Farscape (Continuing with canon couples … plus they’re kickass AWESOME!)
    TARDIS – Storage – From Doctor Who (because it’s bigger on the inside haha)
    Hammond – Switch – From SG-1 (to honour the late great Don S. Davis; also there was a ship on SGU called The Hammond for the same reason)

  5. Susan Fulton commented:

    One could be named Josiah Sanchez, from the Magnificent Seven series. He was the storyteller of the group.

  6. Orlissa commented:

    Gred and Forge – The Rails Twins – in honor of J.K. Rowling’s awesome Weasley twins, who were crazy enough to switch the first letters of their names to amuse us 🙂

  7. Please leave a name commented:

    Harknes – The Switch – From “Torchwood”. He is close to *everyone*.

    Sam & Dean – The Rail Twins – From “Supernatural”. Not twins, but are even closer.

    Toshiko – DB Server – Almost magical computer wizard from “Torchwood”.

    O’Neil and Teal’c – The Originals – From SG1. They are the vets that all vets are jealous of!

    TARDIS – Storage – From “Doctor Who”. It is bigger on the inside than on outside.

  8. Paraoptomistic commented:

    Sleepy, sneezy, bashful, doc, grumpy, dopey, happy.

  9. vlredreign commented:

    * DB The Beast…needs a good beast name. How about The Kraken?
    * Rails1 Ah, a twin, like myself! (Gemini, that is) So, for twin 1, Elladan
    * Rails2 And twin 2, Elrohir
    * Original1 Original…since all fanfic seems to stem from Star Trek TOS, I’m going with Kirk for this one, and
    * Original2 Spock, for the second.
    * Storage Fred. Why? Cause every movie has a Fred, usually a dog, but it’s always faithful.
    * Switch Hmmm…switch, huh? I’m thinking drag queen…RuPaul!

    K, that was fun!

  10. Enigel commented:

    TARDIS – Storage – She can store everything, everywhere and everywhen (source: Doctor Who)

    Jack – DB – He’ll never refuse any connection 😉 and is practically unkillable (source: Doctor Who)

    Luise – Rails1 – see Lotte (source: Das doppelte Lottchen | The double Lottie by Erich Kästner)

    Lotte – Rails2 – they were the literary twins of my childhood, clever and resourceful and brave; Luise was the more outspoken and dynamic one, while Lotte the calmer and wiser twin (source: Das doppelte Lottchen | The double Lottie by Erich Kästner)

    Donna – Original1 (Front End) – Donna the SuperTemp is who you want at your front-desk (source: Doctor Who)

    Bonham – Original2 (DB slave) – Bonham is the quintessential factotum guy and trusty sidekick; while the main heroes are swashbuckling and gallivanting, Bonham will get your car / server / plane / tractor up and running and then modestly retreat to the background again (source: Eroica Yori Ai o Komete | From Eroica with Love)

    Mr Universe – Switch – you can’t stop the signal! He can catch any signal from anywhere and rebroadcast it to the Universe (source: Serenity (2005))

  11. Josefin commented:

    Holly – The Switch – the computer on the Red Dwarf mining spaceship

  12. GillO commented:

    Because the Jossverse is one of the most active fandoms, nearly seven years since Angel ended!

    * DB – Giles, because he was the ultimate go-to-guy for information. (Or Kaylee, who kept Serenity going so well.)
    * Rails1 – Glory – a super-powerful goddess. Even if she was a bit off the rails at times.
    * Rails2 – Illyria – another super-powerful, god being.
    * Original1 – Buffy. The original Slayer, a hot chick with super-powers.
    * Original2 – Faith – the second Slayer (we have t pass over Kendra) – also a hot chick with super-powers.
    * Storage – Anya – old and full of knowledge, and very keen on storing money.
    * Switch – Willow – she constantly switched from nerd to computer wizard, to powerful witch, to vampire, to dark force, to white goddess.

    I have to say that I also love the idea of Ada as a name. But the Buffyverse must be represented!

  13. ven commented:

    * DB Amun – Egyptian god of creation
    * Rails1 Seth – Egyptian god of the desert, storms, darkness, and chaos
    * Rails2 Nephthys – Egyptian goddess who represented divine assistance and protective guardianship (wife of Seth)
    * Original1 Osiris – Egyptian god of the dead, resurrection and fertility
    * Original2 Isis – Egyptian goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility (wife of Osiris)
    * Storage Horus – Egyptian god of the sky, war and protection
    * Switch Ra – Egyptian god of the sun

  14. ArtemisLiCa commented:

    Brigit – DB – Celtic Goddess of Creativity, Poetry, the Fire of Inspiration and…martial arts!

    Sarasvati – Rails1 – Hindu Goddess of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom; patron of artists, writers, students, poets

    Seshat – Rails2 – Egyptian Goddess of Writing, History and Recordkeeping; Mistress of the House of Books

    Quetzalcoatl – Original1 – Toltec God believed to have created the world with…

    Tezcatlipoca – Original2 – Toltec God believed to have created the world with Quetzalcoatl

    Ganesha – Storage – Indian God of Literature, Books, Writing, and Successful Enterprises; Invoked before undertaking to ensure success.

    Oghma – Switch – Scottish/Irish God of Communication, Writing and Poets

    I had way too much fun with this.

  15. Zed commented:

    DB – Deep Thought (Hitchhiker’s Guide) – Really, any of them should be named Deep Thought. DB just seems like a good one to nominate directly, though.
    Storage – TARDIS (Doctor Who) – Because, ya know. Bigger on the inside.

    That’s all I got.

  16. mary commented:


  17. Alex commented:

    Switch- GLaDOS- Portal

  18. athenejen commented:

    This one is all drawn from Chinese mythology:

    DB — Jade Emperor — ruler of Heaven and all realms of existence
    Rails1 — Nüwa — the goddess who created humankind and repaired the wall of Heaven
    Rails2 — Fuxi — Nuwa’s brother and husband, who is said to have invented writing, fishing, and hunting, among other things
    Original1 — Guanyin — deity of compassion (presents as male or female depending on the culture), welcoming of all and full of unconditional love
    Original2 — Sun Wukong — the Monkey King, bound by Guanyin and the Buddha to help the monk Xuanzang on his quest in Journey to the West
    Storage — Xi Wangmu — the Queen Mother of the West, one of the most ancient Chinese mythological figures; she brings knowledge and prosperity
    Switch — Mazu — goddess of the sea, who guides fishing boats home

    And for this one, I attempted to find suitable goddess world-wide, with one each from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, East Asia, and the Middle East:

    DB — Sedna — vengeful goddess of the sea in Inuit culture
    Rails1 — Mama Quilla — Incan goddess of the moon, instrumental in the passage of time
    Rails2 — Manāt — Arabian goddess of fate and destiny, who controls the flow of time
    Original1 — Hestia — Greek goddess of the hearth, who always received the first offering
    Original2 — Bila — Australian Aboriginal sun goddess, forced to move in a slow arc across the sky to bring light to the world
    Storage — Xi Wangmu — the Queen Mother of the West, an ancient Chinese goddess who brings knowledge, life, and prosperity
    Switch — Oya — Yoruban goddess of music, dance, wind, fire, and clear communication

    Or if you’d prefer to have a Hindu goddess rather than an Arabian one, you could switch out Manāt and instead go with:
    Rails2 — Shakti — the personification of divine feminine power in Hinduism, agent of creation and change