AO3 Newsletter – May/June/July

Hello AO3! This newsletter has been, um, a long time coming for which we sincerely apologize. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the past three months.

Cool stuff on the Archive!

To our overwhelming delight, Time Magazine named us as one of the “50 Best Websites of 2013.” Thank you to everyone — from staffers to users — who make this website what it is!

852 Prospect moved in with us in May. This move was orchestrated by the hard work of the 852 Prospect archivists, Open Doors and AD&T. Please join us in welcoming the Archive to the Archive!

Tag Wrangling has been hard at work with their new tools to help users search by original language titles as well as transliterated fandom titles. Check out more information about these tools here.

There were two small deploys in early May and late June: Releases and 0.9.7. focused on code needed for the 852 Prospect move as well as a couple of fixes. 0.9.7 included more fixes as well as integrating Travis-CI into the testing process.

Our Content Policy workgroup has been hard at work with our TOS and FAQ in anticipation of the inclusion of fannish nonfiction on the Archive. These proposed changes went up for public review at the end of June. We thank everyone who provided input!

The OTW unveiled the Archive of Our Own Diversity Statement, a statement which has been years in the making. We encourage you all to read it and hold us to it as we continue to develop the Archive in the many years to come.

What’s up in the world of tags?

Several small changes to guidelines have clarified what freeform tags we canonize, including how we handle episode tags and fandom fusion AUs – check out the subtags of Alternate Universe – Fusion to find Jane Austen fusions and your fandom favorites with Pokemon! We’ve also changed guidelines for translated fandom tags, so you may notice Japanese, Cyrillic, and other non-Latin alphabets when browsing the fandoms lists.

Adventures with Support

We have new people! Annie, girlmarauders, and Katherine have all joined our merry little band. Bring on the tickets!

AD&T Committee business of note

AD&T has been busy with small fixes and releases as well as working on documentation and necessary groundwork to recruit new coders in the fall!

Tag Wrangling Committee business of note

We’ve inducted and trained almost 50 new volunteers in May, and are planning to re-open wrangling volunteering on a limited basis in July. The wrangling staff has also posted several more advanced tutorials for both our new wranglers and experienced wranglers, so all of us are wrangling “on the same page”, so to speak. With over 12,000 canonical fandoms on the Archive, all the work of our wrangling volunteers is very appreciated!

Questions? Comments?

We welcome feedback from users! If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments of the latest news post, or send in a Support request (if you’re reporting a bug, please send that to Support, as they’re super efficient – comments on our news posts sometimes get overlooked).

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