AO3 Is Always Free to Use

In the past few weeks, the Archive of Our Own’s Support Committee has been receiving a number of requests for assistance with an app that creates a paywall block after more than one hour of daily reading. We have no control over this (or any) mobile app, and do not approve of any paywalling of AO3 content. This is not the first time users have had problems with unofficial apps. For various reasons, the Archive is not developing a mobile app, so any app you may find available is unofficial and might even pose a security risk to use.

The AO3 site is always free to use through a web browser on any and all devices, including mobile devices. One of our core tenets is protecting fans and fanworks from commercial exploitation, so we don’t have ads or charge anyone to use the AO3, and we don’t approve of other people charging you money for AO3 content.

Because we haven’t developed a mobile app ourselves, we are okay with individuals creating unofficial apps, provided that these apps clearly state they are unofficial, refrain from using our logos, and do not charge users for their usage. Forcing people to pay to use those apps is a violation of the AO3 Terms of Service section 1.D.5.

Please let other fans know that we are not connected to any apps they may find, and we are unable to assist them should they have issues with them. Remember AO3 is always available for free on your browser!

Announcement, Archive of Our Own

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