Anyone know how to send cake through the internet?

The Archive Of Our Own is in a celebratory mood! We have a lot to celebrate, including a full year of running on our own servers, and the 100,000th work posted to the AO3 (lunarknightz’ Only Makes You Stronger was lucky number 100k!)

So we’re going to mark the occasion with a Birthday Party, and everyone is invited! \o/

The festivities will be held Monday 13 September from midnight to midnight UTC.
(What is the starting time where I live? and What is the ending time where I live?)

We’ll be holding the party in the OTW’s public discussion chatroom. Just head for this URL and type in the name you’d like to represent you, and you’ll be in:

Like any good first birthday party this one will involve gifts, decorations, and games.

Gifts: We’ll be offering commemorative graphics, and attendees can also win secret awesome surprise presents! And! We’ll be celebrating the launch of an eagerly anticipated new feature or three.
Decorations: The Archive logo will temporarily look a little…festive. \o/
Games: We’ll hold an uploading challenge, a few mini-recs festivals, an AO3 anthropomorphic chatfic challenge, a few instant polls, and more!

Of course, the continuing growth and success of the AO3 as a permanent, stable, noncommercial, and nonprofit archive for transformative fanworks that is completely free to use for fans around the world needs your support! We’ll need new servers, and more servers, and we’ll also need more fans ready to help by learning to code, wrangle tags, answer support tickets, teach new volunteers, and…raise money and recruit new staff by writing posts like this one! Please consider making a donation or getting involved!

*We don’t plan to kick anyone out at midnight! Far from it, we tend to keep on celebrating — but when we hit the end of our birthday day, we pass from structured fun into debauchery and dissolution unstructured fun!

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    One byte at a time? heh

    Sort of late for this party, yep