ANOTHER matching donation challenge!

Okay, so this is where we really want to say, “You will never guess what just showed up in the OTW DevMem inbox!”

Except we put a spoiler in the title, there. So we’ll cut to the chase!

We have a second anonymous donor. And that donor was inspired by the first grant, and…caught the spirit of competition. :p So they are issuing a challenge! They have US$2,000 that says we can do it again, and do it just as fast! Or faster. Can we make another set of donations count double?

Here’s our challenge, and our deadline: US$2,000 donated in the next 24 hours, and they double it. US$2,000 donated within the next eighteen hours and eighteen minutes, and they will kick in an extra US$200.


Donate now! (edited because we got so excited we forgot the link. sorry!)


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